A new dimension will be bought forth onto this plane. One will note the differences amongst you all at this time.


16 August 2006.

It is Indeed a pleasure to discuss with you at this time the subject of Resurrection.

It is indeed noted with great delight the many facets and aspects involved here. You would be wise to pursue the easiest route at this time until we deliberate further.

It is indeed a time when a soul must return to your Galaxy for the purpose of soul development.

It is decided when and where he will experience his lessons and whether he will enter at birth or make a change over during an entity’s life. One has to experience a great deal to evolve, understand.

It has been said man's only perception of resurrection is Jesus. He fails to see that his own soul is resurrected on this plane many times over to experience the necessary lessons this plane has to offer.

As one’s soul progresses one also appears on many other levels of existence using various modes of operandi to express the soul’s development.

This plane provides the basic introduction to one’s development and through the course of many light years will develop into an old soul then a sage ready to experience the next dimension and dimensions, understand.

Because man has trouble comprehending this, it is hardly touched upon on your plane. It must be said also that many eons ago man had little or no understanding of a soul’s journey and could not comprehend this energy.

Man has now come to the recognition of energy and is indeed learning its many facets at this time.

In the future man will be able to exchange his vehicles of expression upon this plane for the purpose of experience. Man will also come to recognise when he must change vehicles for the next expression. He will learn to see when one vehicle is ready to expire and not be saddened by this as he will rejoice as he will understand the next level of experience.

It is not an end cycle as man perceives but a continuing cycle. Man will only perceive what he has chosen to see at a given time and also at the level of his soul’s development understand.

It is said that there are many levels upon your plane at this time, all experiencing their own requirements of development.

Some are also here to aid upon this plane to teach the many whom have become stuck, understand.

In Love and Light.


20th June 2006

Greetings to you at this time.
It has indeed been arranged for Jonathon to continue with the scriptures. He extends his hand this hour and congratulates you on works well done.

Greeting my Dear Friend,
It is a pleasure to have you back this day. We note at this time the dilemma surrounding the planet and would ask all Light Workers to send forth healing. It is imperative that this is done on a daily basis as this will aid the flow of the shift.

A new dimension will be bought forth onto this plane. One will note the differences amongst you all at this time. It is necessary so as mankind will accept differences without being biased by them, understand. All Celestial Beings will cooperate fully with one another and much Love will abound. The Ascension has already begun. No one person will escape for it is deemed to be.

Many light years of negativity building have caused this, understand. It is necessary to rebirth for the future of man to continue to inhabit this plane, therefore man must become accustomed to much change. He must not fight the change but go with it. Many are encompassing this plane at this time to witness this great event.

Know that you will indeed be guided to your safe haven when the time is right. One will endeavour to reach as many as one can but must accept all will not follow. Understand man has free will and this will not always be used to his advantage. We here in Oregon note the Chiefs deliberating daily on the work that must be carried out far and wide. It must be said that to ignore the warnings will be man’s undoing.

Also at this time may we remind you of the music to enhance the clear channel. It is important not to have static interfering at this time, understand.

Also we note the purchase of the book has not transcribed. May we stress the importance here. May we leave you in Love and Light.

Greetings Dear One,
It is indeed a blessing to see the many Light Workers gathering at this time, however may we stress the importance of noting the weed amongst them. Not all will be who they state to be, understand. One must be careful for whom one transcribes for all will not be as it should.

Greetings Dear Heart,
May we say how loved and cherished you are at this time. Indeed the time has come for the awakening of the self, the awakening of the planet, the awakening of the Universe. Many scribes have gone before thee and none have returned to this plane of darkness for it is deemed unhealthy at this time. Soon Light, Love, Happiness will shine and many will revisit once again. Know you are not alone and that your work is beginning in earnest at this time. It is with great pleasure we witness this event, a great pleasure also to partake of this grand event. You will indeed rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, understand.

Indeed, an opportune time to say how necessary it is to be regular, how necessary it is to be committed, how necessary it is to do, say, no matter what beatings you may receive. All indeed will be revealed and indeed, all will be amazed by the outcome.

My fellow humans of this plane. It is indeed a time of excitement, a time of anticipation, a time of nervousness as we await the grand beginnings of the shift. You are indeed solid, you are indeed fixed, you are indeed focussed this hour. May you continue your journey in Love, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity.





The symbol of the Cross is the Christ in man overcoming the world, the awakening in the Temple not made with hands, the consecration, the temptation, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension. This is the Christ, the Conquerer.

As you unfold, so will the Spirit reveal to your consciousness the secret that dwells within the secret chambers of your heart. I am the Life, I am the Truth, I am the Way, no one enters to the Father except through me - The Christ - there is no other way, there never has been any other way.

The Christ is the Word of God, the Word that was God, and the Word that was made flesh.

This is your real self, in reality, as God the Father knows you, and so you must know yourself to be.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body
The Master Speaks Again Murdo MacDonald Bayne.