The Father has appealed for things to change and change they must. Never before has a planet carried so much negativity as this one is right now.


20 June 2007

Greetings to thee at this time.

It is noted the tremendous effort of some in spreading the good works. It is to be commended.

Much abounds on your plane at this time. Many are seeking, many are questioning.

One will need to encourage the many to read Murdo MacDonald Bayne’s books for they will open a door for many searching. They will resonate with the words.

They will finally begin to feel The Truth, to express Thy Truth as they open and expand. Many globally are beginning to unite to transform this plane to bring greater stability to the Truth Seekers.

It will be indeed a testing time for numerous disasters are upon your plane some of which can be altered through a conscious effort of many but others will not as man has to experience that which he has created. Many will not listen but through disaster will change.

Many are stuck in dogmas of old and can not break through. This is not at all good for man as a whole so therefore change is bought about whereby this will change.

Many species are among you at this time awaiting thy deliverance to aid the many. They will indeed become guides and workers to help the many adjust to the new era.

The chosen ones will be called at Thy Golden Hour and will unleash a new era of teachings to the many. This plane will no longer be fuelled by hatred, greed, wars, but become a plane of Love.

In Love and Light.


30 May 2007

Indeed, it is a pleasure to be with you this day.

It is noted the influx to the site and we would welcome any questions at this time from those seeking.

It is indeed a glorious time for man to unfold and to find the Truth. Too many are still seeking for material outside of themselves when it is all within.

When one sits and meditates and learns to still one’s mind then the pure flow will unleash itself and a journey like no other will begin.

Too many of you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of searching for things exterior when all one needs is held within.

When one surrenders to the self then many mansions will be exposed.

Noel would like to say how proud he is to see the great works being continued this day by both Mystica* and All Eternity. He is jubilant at this time at his discovery of the next plane of commitment and is astounded by all of the Love and Beauty that abounds.

He would recommend to you all at this time to surrender thy ego and allow the Master full expression.

In Love and Light.

* see forum for Mystica, books etc.


5 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,
It is a pleasure as always to be with you this day to say how very pleased we are with the progress at this time. The brother is to be commended for his dedication also at this time.

Many are with us this day and would say how exciting it is to witness this grand occasion. Many have waited in earnest to be able to get their messages through, understand. It is with pleasure we announce the arrival of Jonathon with us this day.

Greetings fellow Light Workers,
It is indeed a pleasure to be here, to speak at this time. It is indeed very rewarding to have a new link established at this time so all are able to communicate. Much volume is expected to flow and many varied topics will be explored. It is indeed a joy to behold.

As we progress it will become evident that all is not well with this universe at this time and that major events will be necessary to turn things around.

The Father has appealed for things to change and change they must. Never before has a planet carried so much negativity as this one is right now. Man will not listen and man is causing his own chaos, therefore major events are deemed to occur to turn the tables as it were.

Man will then unite to bring paradise back to this universe, understand. It is indeed a pleasure to welcome the many here today from previous incarnations on this plane. We hope you will all lend your energy to assist. It is indeed very welcoming to see the lost souls reunite at this time also to be able to complete their tasks to move on.

One notes also the weight of this event is being felt far and wide. One will also begin to feel the necessary changes within as we approach the first event. It will catch many unaware, but also a lot of those warned will choose to ignore it for foolish reasons.

It will be the beginning of many events to change this earth as we now know it understand. It will become a nation of crying and wailing for many will be in search of their loved ones and also many departed souls will be trapped in this time and will need help moving on, understand.

Many folk laws will be written and many will be broken also.

You would be wise to listen very carefully over the coming weeks, months as many visitations will occur, understand. Do not dwell on the content just allow all to flow,

Many light years have come and gone and many more will come and go as mans evolution evolves. Man will indeed move in to the next realm and become more aware of whom he really is and the capabilities he has. Things that are done now no longer will be.

Man will learn to use his own energy and not rely on the man made energy. Many modes of transport will change also when man learns to master his own vehicle also understand.

Many of you will not comprehend at this time but it is necessary to be said for the ones who do,

Man has yet to realise that there is no separation at death, only a change in vehicle, understand.

Man has yet to develop and see there is no space but entities all around learning from one another and still evolving albeit at different levels, understand. One will not feel alone when one learns to see this and accept this.

Many of you with us today applaud this topic and have waited an eternity for it to be broached, understand. Many will be able to be freed and move on once acceptance for this has occurred .

Many also believe the time is now to deliver these messages to this plane for it needs to evolve at this time and to become more aware of its origin. May we leave you to absorb this day.

In Love and Light.


4 July 2006

Greetings Beloved,
Now is the time indeed to consolidate ones resources, to prepare for the awe inspiring shift, understand. Many are gathering this day to also prepare for the shift. It is indeed a grand occasion. Much excitement abounds this hour.

You will do well to remember the need of extra supplies at this time. Many of you do not prepare as one should, understand. It is indeed a time of great rejoicing. We are indeed on the brink of a new era.

One must not be alarmed or concerned for all the necessities have been taken care of. The rebirthing of the planet will indeed bring forth a cleansing necessary to sustain future life understand.

We leave you in Love and Light.


2 July 2006

Greetings this night,
Indeed it is a very exciting time to be had by all. It is with great pleasure we bring to you the first of many transcribes. It will be humorous as well as informative,

It gives us great pleasure to see you both uniting to bring forth the important information of your time understand.

Many light years have gone into preparations of this time. Man has evolved to a state whereby he must make changes to continue. He must re-evaluate his priorities at this time and invest wisely in his future being.

Many are with you at this inaugural launch, and wish you both well. It is indeed a star shining bright and sending forth such radiance that all have no trouble being drawn to it. One will follow many directions as we unfold the mysteries of this time. One will indeed delve deep within to master what the Master wishes at this time.

It is imperative to establish a routine as this will open the field of transmission to flow freely, understand. It is with great outcry that we endeavour to meet the demands of the many searching at this time. Many are lost, confused and weary from their travels and need to stop, look , listen and refresh themselves, understand.

Much surrounds thee at this time and is causing a shift to occur naturally and we will endeavour to channel in such a way as to comply with your frequency of this time. May we remind you the importance of music, the word and the stillness in that order for it indeed clears the static for a clear transmission, understand.

Thy brother will indeed create the perfect vehicle to transport the material far and wide. Indeed it will become a huge phenomenon over night and he will be kept busy with the correspondence this will generate.

One will indeed be allowed a rest when all has been achieved understand. One will indeed relish the accomplishment for it has indeed been a long time in the making.

Numerous worlds will unite to openly discuss the future of their beings. Many councils will have questions on the structure and deliverance to ones peoples. It will indeed become quite an embroiled discussion which one will indeed feel the need for some down time.

Note that it is imperative for the brother to categorise the many topics to be discussed and to file such understand. All will take considerable time and energy, one would be wise to rest when able and to adjust ones eating to sustain the work. Note this means lighter and less, understand.

Many fields of travel are at your disposal this hour and one would do well to exercise familiarity here. One is a little hesitant to extend oneself but know, no harm can be done. You are indeed protected and well guided.

We leave you in Love and Light.


8 June 2006

Indeed, indeed, one would be advised at this time to put pen to paper and concentrate on filling the Father’s request to be a Worker of the Light, understand. Many obstacles abound this hour and only serve as a distraction. Once one commits and focuses all else will indeed be taken care of.

Many horror stories abound and we would like to put our side of the story across via your link if you would be so kind to act on our behalf. We have been calling you for a while but you have not been receiving us.

We would like you to focus on our frequency which is the Level of Light across the Rays, understand. This will open many channels for you to aid. We will get Jonathon to promote your writings along with thy earthly brother. You will need tremendous determination to stay focussed long enough to allow us to transcribe all that needs to be published, understand. You will begin in earnest as we speak and follow directions as we speak. It is imperative to purchase an exercise book for these writings alone must not be mixed up with any other ones, you do understand. When Jonathon calls each day you will feel a slight breeze in your left ear and this will signal to put pen to paper and all will flow understand. To aid the flow we ask that you play music before commencing as this clears the field of any static to create a perfect transmission line, understand.

We rejoice at this time and note the great changes ahead. You will indeed relish your work and will indeed gain immense satisfaction from it, understand.

Your brother will be amazed at the written content and the extent of the knowledge available. It will be world renowned, your expertise in this field and this will globally enhance Mankind’s magnificent change in vibration necessary for the rebirthing process to take place, understand.

May we leave you in Love and Light this day, until we return tomorrow to begin our journey with thee.
We leave you in Love and Light.

Glory, Glory, Glory may we rejoice in the knowing, rejoice in the undertaking to be a Celestial Being on high. Numerous duties stand before thee this hour. Never mind the negative curiosity of many for indeed they will soon see the Master’s Works and will indeed be converted also.




To live in the spiritual is to live in Reality, not spasmodically and in limits. How can there be any time or space in Infinity? Know that you live in the Mind of God that fills all space, for there is nowwhere where it is not.

If you truly know that you are the Christ of God that exists eternally and is ever- present, The animating and Creative Power within the Mind, then there can be no time or space.

You can reach the state where there is no time or space and enter into the completeness of the Lord thy God, that dwells in your soul; the Lord is the only Power there is. I am the Lord.

"Love" is the eternal ever-present and glorious Life now, which is a rest and a joy, a satisfaction too full to make you look backward or forward when you know that Love is the ever-present Life now. The soul who has realised this moves in the sufficiency of the Presence, that is ever active in the present and never in the past or the future.

Think this over carefully, so that your joy may be full. "I am" the ever present Love. It was this Love that I saw so clearly. I knew that God was Love and to be His son then I must be Love also. I found there could be nothing else for me but Love, and no matter what was done to me I still knew that I must remain the son of God, the Eternal Ever-present perfect LOVE that knew no past or future, no sin or death.

"Lazarus come forth," was to speak from the Spiritual plane, realising only the ever-present Life. If you can understand these words, you will relise the Life that is eternal and ever- present. You can also speak the word, if your consciousness can grasp the Reality of It,and what you speak shall manifest because it is created in the now.

Divine Healing Of Mind and Body
The Master Speaks Again by Murdo MacDonald Bayne