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I speak from the Christ, I always did, and that is why my words seem strange to those who live only in the outer. Millions are still in bondage, yet at all times my door is open to all, to come in and sup with me.

A Satan tries to bar the way, and that Satan is the false personality, the Satan of the senses, that all have to overcome.

This illusion of the mortal sense is the only hindrance to the realisation of true Spiritual Consciousness, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within yourselves. I am the Life, the same of 2,000 years ago. As Moses and Elijah were 2,000 years before my appearance on earth yet it was the same Life expressed in all. I am before Abraham.

Time does not exist ; I am now as I was and always will be. In this realisation you must also remember that you are the living expression of the Almighty, for the Father is ever working in you.

The Divine Power that exists in you is the same as in me, and as your consciousness unfolds into the greater consciousness of God, so you will know me.

The Voice of the Christ is fearless and all- powerful. Christ is the conquerer, and will conquer, for it is the Law of God that the Christ shall have dominion over all things.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body
The Master Speaks Again By Murdo MacDonald Bayne.