A great force lies within and Humanity needs to grasp this and to tap into this mighty force. The force being True Spirit.


9 October 2008

Indeed, it is a pleasure to speak with thee this day to remind the many of the foretold predictions.

To not prepare one's self would be foolish.

Many are still in denial this hour, still searching for something outside of themselves.

Man must still the mind and look within, for the treasures lie within, understand.

Man must not allow his ego to dominate this hour, for in so doing creates more havoc.

Man must surrender and allow Thy flow to proceed. Procrastination does not get anyone there, only action will.


Glory, Glory, Glory on High. The spectrum is magnificent this day with many flickering fields.

It is indeed an auspicious occasion as we begin the decent. Many light years have accumulated this grand awakening.

Man will arise to new heights of awareness and mastery as he forgoes the old and relishes the new.

Darkness will be no more, only pure LIGHT understand.

May we repeat that the right food must be consumed to lighten thy body to allow it to perform. Deep breaths are vital to flush thy body of toxins and to still thy mind. Sunlight on thy flesh rejuvenates the many cells of your composition and will enhance productivity.

Water is a vital nutrient with many purposes.

Man must STOP and look what he is feeding himself before destruction takes over.

Cleanse thy body, cleanse thy mind and surrender to Thy Father Almighty.

In Love and Light


7 July 2008

Indeed, it is indeed a momentous occasion as we await the return of the Christ upon your Plane.

Mother Nature has revealed herself to you all and is ready and waiting as we speak.

To have courage this hour to explore one’s options is necessary indeed. Too much time has been wasted and Man will eventually run out of time.

One must not put off to tomorrow that can be achieved today. One must see the limited time and act before it is too late.

Too much waste is evident in Man’s life at this time. Man would be wise to refocus and to regroup.

Mass energy achieves much this hour.

The days in Dijong are few, this will indeed be the forerunner of events.

Man must allow the storm to pass over, not become embroiled in it. Be the observer, not the observed.

Darkness awaits those whom do not recognize they are One with The Almighty this Hour.

Seek and ye shall find. Man must awaken and repent of his sins before the darkness entwines.

Courage is needed this hour to stand alone and be counted.

Time will come when Man is herded like sheep into darkness because he will not allow himself to see the Truth, to Speak the Truth.

Many visitations are occurring upon your plane by another species. A species whom will indeed become your brothers as the two fields unite as one.

Foolish are they whom seek to arm themselves with material out side of themselves.

Man indeed has all the power he requires at his disposal if only he would surrender.

In Love and Light


9 May 2008

Indeed, it is indeed a glorious day.

One would wonder at the many delightful delicacies on offer and would question of what to partake in.

One should focus on the here and now and not allow thy self to be tempted.

To search is to find. To find is to surrender. To surrender is to Become.

To Become where all is attainable is Home with The Almighty.

Powerful words that one must digest this hour.

To do nothing is to stay stuck understand.

In Love and Light


01 April 2008

Many are gathered at this time to remember their origin and to transform themselves into becoming higher beings.

Many will be discouraged in their search but will proceed anyway.

Too many fools are worshipping that which is external to themselves when indeed they would be better to focus within, understand.

Many forms of existence are uniting at this time to bring forth unity amongst you.

You will all encounter that which is necessary to bring about change for it is to be. Too many are still devoid this hour and will remain so for they have become lost and swayed by things exterior.

May we commence this hour by praying for the return of The Christ upon your plane to worship the renewal of existence..............

Many are betrothed this hour and feel the shift occurring.

May we gather thy flock in preparedness for thy muster. Many Sages will aid thee and remind thee of thy duties.

The next chapter on your journey is set to unfold and we will hasten to say that foolish is he whom will not listen.

Much is to be experienced this hour and all would be wise to let go and go with thy flow.

In Love and Light


11 March 2008

Indeed, it is noted this day the short comings of many and we would like to say that there is no failure only the experience thereof.

Too many are ignoring their calling to stop and listen and question. Much is to be gained from the stillness within, understand.

If Man were to lay down his tools and rest awhile and allow himself the time to search within on a regular basis then he would find the answers would appear.

Man has strayed by allowing the ego self to be the driver and not allowing thy Loving Father to guide you.

Foolish is he who will not listen.

Much chaos abounds on your plane at this time, bought about by Man’s ego.

The ego self must be left behind if Man is to make progress, understand.

In Love and Light


14 February 2008

Indeed, a pleasure to speak with you this day and to say what a glorious day it is.

Many are responding to the words of wisdom this hour and many are finding solace in the Knowledge available to them.

You all would be wise at this time to concentrate on surrendering thy ego self and allowing thy Eternal Father to guide you. For He and He alone Knows what you require for your growth at any one time, understand.

You all would be wise to listen to your hearts this hour to follow your hearts for here lies a great Truth. To operate from thy heart is to allow thy Father to work through you understand. May we rejoice in thy Love of thy Father this day.

To wander is to stray. Many are wandering this day and have strayed from their questioning.

To search is to grow, for here we find answers, answers to help the growth of the soul. It is noted within this day that many are searching out side of themselves instead of turning within to find the answers.

Seek the solitude and clear the mind of all clutter and find the stillness that lies within and allow the Almighty River to flow forward to unleash a wealth of Knowledge that has remained dormant for too long in too many.

Man must surrender if he is to make progress. The fight is not with things out there but with the ego self that has been allowed free reign for too long. Once Man starts to realize this then he is truly on the path to attain True Enlightenment.

In Love and Light


January 30 2008

Indeed, do not stress for there have indeed been numerous lessons for you to work through this hour.

As one processes the data one will indeed free one’s self up to produce more, understand.

Much turmoil is going on at this time and all would be wise to work through the process of defining whom they think they actually are.

For here lies the key to open thy door.

Numerous souls look but few understand the simplicity of the message and put it into practice.

Once again they are deceived by the intellect not allowing simplicity.

Man can run, but can never hide from his true identity and purpose.

Man needs to seek and he shall find. Many doors are closed because Man has not allowed himself the time to explore.

Foolish is he whom will not listen.

Life should be a celebration not a sentence, understand.

In Love and Light


December 13, 2007

Glory, Glory, Glory on High.

May we remind all what a special time of year this is and for all to celebrate the Birth of the Lord whom gave his life to aid others.

May we ask that all take time over this joyous occasion to bask in the glory of The Lord and explore your inner realms at this time.

To be acknowledged is a wondrous occasion for many thoughts combined light up the atmosphere, understand.

May we also take this time to remember our actions, words, deeds for it is so important to create the correct flow.

May Peace and Love flow freely to all whom surrender the ego and allow the Almighty to take them on a wondrous journey.

In Love and Light


December 06, 2007

We are about to witness one of life’s miracles as the planets align themselves in preparedness for the grand shift .

Too many theories have gone before how the world will end but this will not be as evolution always occurs.

Man will reside in a time of a new dimension for it is to be. Man will realize a world filled with peace and harmony, goodwill unto man.

For too long now man has been greedy, selfish, uncaring and this will all be bought to a cataclysmic end.

Man will not heed the warnings until it is too late. Through his own greed and selfishness he has destroyed so much.

A cleansing is inevitable to restore this plane to its former glory, understand.

In Love and Light


4 December 2007

Remorse is the Key to unlocking the future.

May we take this time for self analysis, to clear the ego and deal in The Truth, for this and only this is what sustains us, understand.

Too much time is spent in the ego and Man is paying the price for this, this hour.

Too many are deluding themselves and fail to go in search of The Truth. Too many are waiting for others to do the work for them. Be rest assured this is not how to do it.

Each and every soul must make his own way for his own specific growth.

To unleash the Truth within is to allow The Almighty River to flow, understand.

Too many subjects are being written at this time to delude Man into thinking and acting foolishly.

Man must awaken to the Truth held within and cast aside all the false prophesy at this time.

Man must acknowledge the Truth in its simplicity and stop deceiving one’s self with the intellect for this is hindering Man’s progress at this time.

Man thinks unless the words and actions are complicated then there is no Truth.

How wrong can he be?

The words of Truth are simple and clear to understand and yet Man struggles in the application. If Man cannot grasp the simplicity of the Truth then he is locked into the ego self leading the way.

Foolish is he who will not listen. Man must seek the solitude within and seek the Truth that lies therein.

In Love and Light


18 September 2007

Greetings to Thee, at this time this place,
Indeed, a lull has been but now the material will flow on a regular basis.

Much is to be said about securing the material of Dr Mac for publication on all sites ( Dr Mac related sites) for this will enhance the life of the searchers requiring it. Many are floundering at this time and many will seek said material.

To come into The Light and search for The Truth is to be reunited with Thy Father. No soul will develop accordingly until The Truth has been accepted. Once accepted then thy journey will begin in earnest for one has become aware of one's actions, thoughts and can analyze and correct these.

Each soul’s journey unfolds when acknowledgement has been accepted. Many are still lost in the ego and have not begun their journey for the material world has a power far stronger over them. Until they surrender they are stuck.

One can read the material but until one feels at one with the material then one is still caught up in the ego.

The simplest of instructions and the simplest of actions are the hardest. Man still feels because said material is not intellectual enough then it can not be the way. Foolish is he who can not see. The application is what Man struggles with most, to leave the ego self behind and move forward.

May we say that The Truth will always prevail. Truth is life. Life is Truth.

Love is, and is all there ever has been. Man has taken this Love and bent it, broken it, destroyed it. Man needs to take Love and nurture it, appreciate it, care for it, for Love is all there is. Without Love there is a blackness, with Love there is beauty. One must learn to act in Love, speak in Love, live in Love for Love is the key.

Wisdom is a maturing of the soul to a level they now have come to accept. Many old souls are with you all at this time to aid the growth of the souls on the lower levels.

Much turmoil abounds on your plane at this time. Too much negativity is destroying your planet. Much work is to be done to save it from total extinction.

In Love and Light


13 August 2007

Greetings Dear Heart,

May we remind thee of the necessary writings to be achieved this hour for many are awakening at this time in search of answers, understand.

The new site is looking vibrant in its new colours and we are pleased with the acknowledgement of the area. A job well done. ( )

Things will become a little hectic in your neck of the woods for all are becoming fascinated by your location. Many deem down under as that and are surprised by the content coming from down under. Once again man is deceived into thinking only larger more powerful countries have the knowledge.

The Pearls of Great Wisdom ( Murdo’s Books) will become highly sort after for it is only now that Man is able to digest the information in larger volume. Man is finally beginning to awaken to his origin. Murdo was indeed the scout sent forth to plant the seeds ready for the rebirthing of the Christ Consciousness to avail upon Man.

Much turmoil is resounding in the Middle East and will reach a crescendo before too long. Man's greed for power and control will awaken a force far greater than they could ever imagine. The aftermath will be silencing.

Yea that I walk in the shadow of death, I will hear no evil and see no evil for I will see a Star so bright as to blind me.

Brothers of The Light will unite and unleash a power so bright Man will become momentarily blinded but will awaken to the new level of consciousness mooted to bring forth the new Coming Of The Christ. Man will indeed bring forth the new Heaven On Earth and will reside in this Paradise free from negative energy.

May we alert thee to the mysteries of the resounding practices bringing forth innumerable consequences to Man this hour. One must surrender the ego self to allow the flow. Man must not continually fight the flow for he is only causing a greater negative flow. To be still and allow the flow freedom to travel a journey so resplendent in 'All' is the key.

A resounding success will indeed unleash a new beginning. A beginning that has no end for it is deemed to be. Man's heightened awareness will carry him forth into new territory for him to explore. This will create a far wider perception than Man ever thought possible understand

Negative energy will become a thing of the past and Paradise will reign supreme.

In Love and Light


13 October 2006.


Indeed a pleasure to welcome you this day.

May we take this time to deliver a speech to the many waiting with you this day.

It is to be said that nothing is in vain, for all has a purpose, understand.

One may not see this or understand this at the time but upon reflection will become clearer.

One will indeed peruse the many websites with interest but will always return to this one for indeed it will be felt within like no other.

One will begin to open and explore the many words before thee.

One must not just skip over the words lightly but absorb them like you do food feeling the nourishment from them within.

One will indeed develop as one surrenders oneself to the ‘All’ and allows the flow.

One will begin to see things differently if one focuses on the knowing, understand.

Eons have gone into preparations at this time and while man has free will it is apparent that man is too stuck on his own ego so therefore it is necessary to bring man to his senses before he destroys this planet altogether, understand.

Many changes will be felt far and wide and many will be caught unaware.

One will indeed coordinate the rescue of many for one will be guided as to their whereabouts. One notes the magnificent aura surrounding thee to day as we prepare to descend to your plane.

The time has indeed come to say goodbye to the old and allow the new to encompass you.

May we leave in Love and Light this day as the journey begins.



2nd October 2006.

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to be with you at this time.

It is indeed a pleasure to see the many questioning at this time.

It is imperative that man begins his quest for in so doing will bring much needed respite.

All is in a state of balance at this time but any further movement will topple all.

It is said numerous times before, if man will only listen to the law, recognize the law, practice the law then much change would be bought about to aid all at this time.

It is fruitful if man will acknowledge his being. (One with The Father)

Man must harness his being and not allow the ego to dominate this hour.

It is said too many disturbances encumber the soul.

Man must put aside his ego to reclaim the 'All.'

In Love and Light.


15 September 2006.

Greetings Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure to speak with you at this time.

We note on the horizon a magnificent rainbow. It is indeed a welcoming gesture to the many in search of their origin at this time.

Much deliverance abounds surrounding the light years and we would remind one that your years and our years are indeed eons apart.

However in saying that it is indeed possible to move things forward or backwards depending on the learning being done at the time.

Many as you would say take one step forward and then two steps backwards. This is indeed true.

A souls journey is indeed pre planned on your plane but the experiences whilst there and how they are handled determine the growth actually achieved.

Man indeed limits himself on your plane of existence and this encumbers his development.

If the soul doesn’t make the necessary requirements then it has to repeat the lesson and also any extra lessons it might have acquired from that experience, understand.

It is imperative that man therefore sits in silence each day and listens to his inner voice guiding him, for here, he would learn not to stray and incur more lessons, understand.

Much deliverance also surrounds your plane at this time concerning the nuclear debacle.

It is necessary to bring man to his senses before it is too late and he destroys ninety percent of the planet.

He does not realise the harm he is doing and creating, for indeed this was not to be.

Man can indeed create his own energy to fix the problem and must gather the masses to do this.

It is indeed troubled times on your plane at this time but if man does not wake up and realise, he will indeed pay for the suffering he is bringing about, then man will indeed suffer more.

One needs to reach the masses and indeed have the masses turn within to search their true identity to avail man of his errors.

In Love and Light.


8 September 2006

A soul’s origin developed many eons ago through the Majestical Power’s of the Master.

It is said that the journey of the soul must take many and varied roles to reach its final destination.

A soul was indeed born of energy by energy.

Its many fragments have divided and multiplied over time and will indeed continue to do so.

It is the will of the Master that all energy be divided and conquered. It is indeed in its final resting place after it has passed through the ‘Rainbow of Experiences’ to arrive in the ultimate state.

A soul continues developing for eons to magnify the radiessence of the All and should be in a pure state to return to a higher plane to evolve at a higher density.

All is not as it appears and man has little comprehension of matter in its pure state.

It is said that the scientists will eventually begin to perceive man’s energy as matter and understand its development before the ordinary citizen will.

This is not true for man has only to be open and allow the Christ energy to flow and all of his questions shall be answered.

Were it not for man’s creation at this time then man would have indeed been subjected to a more rigorous time, for in another sphere it is indeed glorified and made whole without the experiences here to distract one.

One’s soul passes through a tirade of cycles and experiences and is in its final state after all has been encountered in the many spheres of existence.

One always stays with the ‘Group of Energy of the time’ for one part of energy cannot sustain a lesser part of energy.

All must vibrate accordingly. Many vibrations on many levels concur with one another and the Celtic mix is indeed remarkable.

It is indeed in awe to see this transpire from afar.

Many of you will not understand this at this time, however many of you will begin to feel it, then experience it as one evolves.

In Love and Light.


8 September 2006

Greetings Dear Heart.

It is important at this time that man also learns to develop his senses for indeed this will enable man to tune in to the many and varied lectures for the soul’s development.

Man fails to see these wonderful tools that have been bestowed upon him and he still goes in search of the outer phenomena. (outside himself)

Man must learn to still his mind to let all static dissipate. He must come to the awareness of his Inner Voice, of his Inner Vision.

Man would, if he tried harder, conquer all.

Man is too easy sidetracked and where the attention goes the energy flows and this is not always productive.

Man would be wise to occupy himself with less material thoughts and instead replace them with thoughts of a higher vibration.

It is indeed in man to rise above all and not allow one’s self to become distracted.

The great Masters have indeed arrived at this place.

Many are willing to be your guides at this time to allow you access to your birthright.

Man has only to ask and be still and allow the energy to flow.

In Love and Light.


31 August 2006

Indeed a pleasure.

It is noted this day with sadness the deliberate misuse of the English language.

Many mistakenly use slang terms which are meaningless and highly undesirable.

Man fails to see the context of the words he uses and the value of the word. It is incorrigible to use such language without first understanding its meaning.

Words are very powerful and very destructive to the human race, understand.

If man continues with his decline of the spoken word then man will suffer further repercussions because of such use.

Man is totally oblivious to this and must come to understand its value if he wishes to improve here.

Words spoken are also a form of energy and the wrong use of words creates the wrong use of energy.

Man must stop creating negative words which are negative energy, understand.

Man's peril is in his own hands. Wake up and rejoice.

Rejoice in the knowing. Rejoice in the application.
Rejoice in the positive for man is indeed in charge of his own destiny.

We leave in Love and Light.


30 August 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure to be here this day.

We note on the horizon at this time a magnificent aura.

It is indeed a time of change, a time of exploring, a time of nurturing. We must delve into the unknown for here lies the excitement of the Truth.

To unravel this, one must first seek the solitude required to still the mind. One must let all thoughts flow freely, noting the content as it passes by.

One will come to a state of stillness and restfulness as one empties all thoughts out.

Once this state has been obtained then only the Pure will run free. One will indeed be amazed by the clarity in which one will see and learn from Beyond.

It is said many a time that he whom has no faith has nothing.

It is indeed emphasised that man need look no further than his own self for here lies the Truth, the only Truth.

Yet man still seeks the Truth outside of himself. The Father provided all of the tools man will ever need if only man will listen and learn, understand.

We must at this time congratulate the many whom are open to exploring and we note the importance of thee site to inform at this time.

Indeed many are searching and are being directed your way to explore the writings.

In Love and Light.


28 August 2006

Greetings Dear heart,
Indeed a pleasure to speak with you this day.

It is indeed noted on the horizon many magnificent auras accumulating this day.

One would welcome at this time reflection. Reflection of the all.

It is said at this time that too many are prophesising and not deliberating. It is indeed wise to be forthright in all you do for indeed this instils a recognition for the many to unite.

One must make a stand this day for it is imperative for all to recognise the great and magnificent works of the Father.

He has deliberated many a life time and shall remain a constant figure to be seen guiding and nurturing his children. He will encompass the All for it is to be.

Man must awaken to the deliverances this hour and heed the many warnings.

For in so doing creates the necessary energy of change. Change which is needed far and wide.

It is said in the Bible that man will indeed inherit the earth but not before it is cleansed of all impurities.

Man must clean up his act, clean up the filth understand.

Man has indeed been victimised of his own doing and must own up to his errors and pave the way for Mother Earth to rebuild.

A great dawning will be had by the many whom will listen.

Man must not become caught up in mass thinking of the time but allow himself the freedom to explore. To be still and listen to his inner guidance, to feel the expression of the Father.

To become the expression of the Father.

For in so doing will allow the mighty force to flow unabated.

In Love and Light.


20 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,
It is indeed a pleasure to impart these words to you at this time.

Humanity at this time is indeed struggling, indeed questioning. A great force lies within and Humanity needs to grasp this and to tap into this mighty force. The force being True Spirit.

In doing so man will unite first with Source and then with his fellow Workers of the Light to bring forth a more cosmopolitan state. It is through this that Humanity will join together in their hour of need to redirect Source to the areas of need.

Man fails to see through doing things in a humanitarian form creates much, understand.

It is to be said in the Bible that Moses was to be a true Humanitarian but alas he fell from grace and needed fellow humanitarians to pick him up and return him to grace, understand. It is to this end that man will again unite for much separation abounds this hour.

One must do all one is able to bring about a more humanitarian state, for this will bring peace and harmony, understand.

In Love and Light.










The Spirit of the Father who raised me from the "dead" dwells within you.

Perhaps you do not realise the importance of these words. But it is the same Spirit and there is no division in Spirit, the one Spirit manifesting in the many and that many in the One.

It was this mighty power that I saw completely in my own life and, by the recognition of it, so was I able to use the power of the Spirit of God the Father Who dwelt within me; this Spirit of the Father who raised me from the dead is within you also.

When your mortal sense would indicate disorder, pain and death, remember the Spirit of the Father which remaineth within you.

Call it into manifestation by the word of power "I am". Have you fully realised the meaning of the word "I am"?

You cannot speak the word "I am" in Reality unless you know the meaning of It, and when you know the meaning of the word "I am" you have learnt the word of power. "I am the Life." I am living because His Life liveth in me. Life is God and God is Life.

Therefore my Spirit will quicken your mortal flesh and the Satan of the senses shall be under your feet.

It has always been the Satan of the senses that has blinded you to the real truth of the immanent power of the Spirit that dwells within.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body.
The Master Speaks Again. by Murdo Macdonald Bayne.