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All Eternity
Spirit Talks
The Fathers Mighty Works, Mt Cook.

Come with us on this exciting journey to discover your
true self




Spirit talks, predicts and prophesies of
coming earth changes, destruction and chaos affecting the fate of our planet and the future of mankind.

Spirit prophecies, Wisdom, Guidance and Truth are put before Humanity
from The Source, The Father, taking it on a journey to reveal the True Self.

This website is dedicated to The Father without whose Love we
would not exist.


This is a very brief outline of who we are and how this website came to be.

We are two independent spiritually developed people one male, one female.

Some years ago we were introduced to the writings of Murdo MacDonald Bayne and by becoming immersed in this material discovered “The Truth” in its ultimate simplicity is just as The Master from Galilee intended it to be. These books have not been available for many years and are now being “rediscovered”.

As Spirit says of Murdo under the web page titled Wisdom, “whilst on your plane he expanded man’s consciousness in a way no other had done.

Under the web page titled Humanity, "Murdo was indeed the scout sent forth to plant the seeds ready for the rebirthing of the Christ Consciousness to avail upon Man."

We regard ourselves as the messenger, bringing forward that which is requested as requested.

There is no complexity, no dogma, no opinions of others, just the ultimate simplicity in itself.

Whoever reads these pages we ask that the Love and Light of The Father Bless, Guide and Keep you on your earthly journey whilst in the fullness of time you may spiritually open like a budding rose to blossom in the springtime sun.


Dearest Beloved, no matter where I go I will find Thee there. In the noise and din of my earthly life Thou art there with me when storms blow and breakers roar.
Thy sweet silence shall ever be with me.
When in my dreams, memories cast their shadows, Thy magic word "I am" shall prevail and as I ascend to my full wakefulness I will cry for joy, I am at home with Thee, Dearest Beloved.

Murdo MacDonald Bayne




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