Higher Consciousness:

There is no separation and man must come to realise this very important piece of information. All is but an illusion.


19 July 2006

Greetings Beloved,
It is a pleasure to have you back with us this day to continue our journey.

It is precipitated that many will arise from the ashes but this would necessitate great human development for this to occur, understand. It is indeed possible but not at this time on your plane as many lack the understanding thereof.
It is a great disappointment to see man at this current time not accessing his birthright understand. It is indeed a troublesome era to be working in with much depression and negativity.

However man can if he so desires rise above this into a glorious world above. The next dimension is not weighted down with such negative energy and one is indeed able to relish in a more uplifting vibration, understand.

We would ask at this time for the Christ energy to be focussed on the upliftment of this universe.

It is indeed possible to change one’s consciousness through greater understanding of the Truth. Many light years have gone into the decline on this plane of existence at this time.

It is indeed disappointing that man has chosen the ego over the Christ. It would hasten mankind’s deliverance if he would only stop to listen, understand.

It is indeed a bright light shinning bright this day surrounding thy work in progress.It will indeed create a new era to begin exploring, understand.

To those of you whom are experiencing a rush go, go in your life at this time we say this is necessary to speed up the evolution of mankind at this time.

It is no use procrastinating, it must be applied, understand. Man has indeed delved into darkness by limiting his thinking and application of the Truth. Man will eventually escape this plane but not before he has earned it, understand.
It is indeed a dismal time for many who choose to ignore the Truth at this time.

One must come to the realisation that the Truth will indeed set one free.

We leave in Love and Light.
God Bless!


14 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,
A pleasure as always to be with you this day. We note at this time a turning in direction for some and it is indeed welcome to see, however it is important that we remain focussed to reach the many whom are unaware of their true identity, understand.

It is with this in mind that we will proceed to deliver the days lesson. Until one awakens to a door within and begins to search and question then one is indeed truly stuck unless a door is opened for them to look beyond, understand. It is imperative at this time of dawning to allow as much information as possible to be available to the many seeking.

Note that many will choose different paths but indeed as one’s understanding evolves it will eventually reach the climax of their destiny however many life experiences that will take. This is where it has taken a lot longer for the many to achieve, for along the way they have allowed the self to be impregnated with lust, desire and all the many entrapments that have added to their journey.

Man must indeed take control and listen closely to his intuition for here lies his true destiny. Many allow themselves to waver and allow manifestations to appear before them that they own and become and hinder their journey, understand.

It is imperative this hour to indeed master self control, for in so doing will create a master mind. It is also said in the Great Book that he who chooses sin over the Fruit of the Father shall perish for he indeed knows not what he is doing, understand.

One would be wise to seek the solitude to dwell within to focus ones attention to the Father and listen to thy heart understand. It is imperative for man to subscribe to the many deliverances this hour and it will also enable man to free himself this hour.

To those of you whom seek self gratification know that the Father dismisses that in the blink of an eye.

To those of you who focus on the others you are indeed furthering thy progress at this time. It is indeed a pleasure to see the great works coming to fruition to be displayed to the many, understand.

In Love and Light.
God Bless


6 July 2006

Dearly Beloved.
It is a pleasure to be with you this day. We note at this time the
necessity to clarify a few points. The first one being it is not the content but the level of interpretation one applies as to the growth of the soul.

Secondly it is the perception one creates also that materialises before thy self that is of great importance to note, as this gives a picture to one’s development, understand. It is not as easy as one presumes understand. Many eons have passed since man was more aware of perceptions and interpretations understand. If man is to deliver his fruit he must first eat it understand. Procrastination will not achieve this.

It is indeed with much solitude to analyse and digest information that man will indeed begin to recognise and develop ones talents understand. Know that all are protected if ones heart is pure, understand.

It is indeed a shame to see so many lost at this time and we must pray for their return to the Father understand. Let us take a moments silence to send forth at this time healing to the lost souls.....

One indeed would be wise also to include excerpts of Murdo’s writings into the works to be shared.

We leave you in Love and Light.


3 July 2006

Greetings Beloved,
It is a pleasure to be with you once again this evening. It gives us great pleasure to see the many gathered also. May we pray together at this time for peace and spiritual union amongst us all. It is sad to see such strife amongst us and to this end we must clarify the illusion of separation. There is no separation and man must come to realise this very important piece of information. All is but an illusion, understand. When one hurts one, one hurts many, when one laughs many laugh, when one cries many cry, when one loves ALL LOVE. One must master the emotions to master the illusions.

It is with great sadness we see the universe in its present state. We all must unite and work together to transform its former glorious state, understand. Many amongst you at this time are feeling the pressures and it is to this end that we remind you the importance of breathing correctly for this will slow you down to an acceptable level in all that you do. It requires great concentration but once mastered will give freedom in all you do, understand. Many over look their breathing and wonder why they suffer so.

One must look around and see the wonders to behold. It is a long journey to prepare your soul for the forth coming events of nature, understand. Many of you will have varied tasks to perform at this time.

One will indeed derive great pleasure and satisfaction on the deliverance of the works, understand. It is always necessary to remind you all that to have is to behold and to laugh is to cry.

May you go in Love and Light.


30 June 2006

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered at this time, this place to deliver to the masses the importance of the Truth. It is with this in mind that we ask of you to deliver as stated and not abridged, understand.

We of the Navaho Tribe would delegate Jonathon to deliver our sermon this hour.

Greetings Fellow Brothers,
As stated this is a very important time in the history of man. It is to say that we are to be greeted by many far and wide at this time. One will note the anticipation as we discover the journey to which all will follow and find Paradise awaits. It is to this avail that much conspiracy has gone before and it will be said again that man has the ultimate role to play here. It is to no avail to be procrastinating this hour for it has indeed been set in the blueprint as it were that much change will forgo cataclysmic changes for man, beast and planet. It is said in the Bible that Noah built his ark in 30 days and 30 nights, this indeed was as described by man and not law, understand.

Many other such fallacies abound and are leading man astray at this time. We will endeavour over the coming weeks to clarify and quantify the many false statements and to lead man out of the dark and into the light as it were. We are uncovering many myths at this time that man has added his interpretation to and this has caused many to travel off in the wrong direction. It is said that only fools will follow the words of the devil and the Truth shall set man free.

Man is being encouraged at this time to develop extra sensory perception to enable his progression through the many dimensions. It will be necessary for man to enlighten himself to think outside of the square, so to speak.

Understand future correspondence will take the field of telepathic transfer and be at such a rate that man will indeed boggle at the wonder of it all, understand. Many are with us at this time as many are workers sent here to process the data in readiness for the cataclysmic changes about to manifest understand. It is with much anticipation that we all welcome at this time the need for our transmissions to be broadcast far and wide and to reach many whom are struggling at this time to come to terms with the many facets of consciousness surrounding them at this time. It is with an alarming rate that so few have tapped into the magnetic field that surrounds you all at this time. This is indeed to be quantified and deliberated at great length for it is a field that man is in great need of exploring at this time.

One is very lax when it comes to the splendid rays shown before you all. It is perceived at this time that the magnetic field will become mans next mode of operandi, understand. It is indeed a magical time and one which will take many by surprise. To allow the flow is imperative as it will energise one enabling one to surpass ones own vibrational frequency to deliver the ultimate power, understand.

Many theories abound on this subject but only to a limited extent. Man is struggling to understand the concepts put before them at this time and many are adding their slant to it which is distorting it. One must always remain open and not allow interpretations to creep in and distort the flow, understand. It is many light years since this area was last visited and man at that time was more able to perceive his aura and that of other fields, understand. Once again this information was distorted and became lost to man. This is why we stress ‘no distortions at this time’ is imperative.

These are indeed exciting times for man and beast as they unite to continue the many races to come. Much instruction will come by way of mouth, so it will also be important to record such data when necessary, understand. It is with such vigour and embellishment that we rejoice at this time. It is to be said that after the shift much rejoicing will indeed take place and those who have served the Father well will indeed reap the benefits of their labour, understand.

It is with Love and Light we leave you this hour. God Bless. Amen............Here ends another very important chapter to be dated and logged understand.
Bless you!




You are one with the Universal Consciousness when, by using the instrument of faith, you realise no limitations. When faith is complete in oneself there is no limitation. But if faith is not complete and there is 50 per cent doubt, then I say that faith is just that much less. Faith, to be any use at all, must have that vision within that sees nothing impossible. The only possible limitation is such as is set by the limited concepts of the individual who thinks, and it is here that the difficulty comes in.

Our thoughts must necessarily be limited by our conceptions of our awareness of our own true selves. We cannot think of something we cannot conceive. Therefore the more limited our conception the more limited our thoughts, and its creation will be limited. accordingly in a corres­ponding degree. In other words, our faith is according to our realisation and recognition that this power itself is one with the Mighty Power and you are one with God in Spirit, co-operating with Him in His Divine Scheme on earth.

According, then, to the recognition and the realisation of our own true selves, so will be the strength of our faith. Any faith based on anything less than the oneness of the whole Universe which is behind all creation is based upon falsehood and must be limited according to that falsehood.

It is for this reason that the ultimate purpose of all true instruction is to lead us into the Divine Light where we shall see things beyond the range of any past experi­ences—things that have not entered into the heart of man to conceive—revealings of the Divine Spirit opening to us untold worlds of splendour, delight, and unending achieve­ment.

See beyond the range of your own experience and beyond the experience of others, and in this way there is
a wonderful revealing. We will know ourselves one with the Infinite Life. Quietly allow the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power to permeate your being.

What is Mine Is Thine: Part 1

Murdo MacDonald Bayne