Intuition Is it?

Man needs to realise his Intuition is indeed his True Source.


20 July 2006,

Dearly Beloved,
It is wise for us to resume our talks for indeed doing so unites the many, understand.

We of this plane at this time note the imminent arrival of our Galactic Commander and would welcome his input this day. Welcome, it is indeed a sight to behold, a star growing brighter as we evolve on your plane at this time. Man has caused much destruction there and is only now beginning to question himself and awaken to his true identity.

It gives us great pleasure to witness this unfolding as we have mirrored your plane of existence before but were able to stop ours turning as black as yours.

Man needs to realise his Intuition is indeed his True Source but he doesn’t always follow this, hence all his mistakes. He is too easily swayed by others and yet his True Self will be telling him otherwise.

It is indeed a time for those on your plane to stop deceiving themselves and to wake up to their True Selves for in so doing will unleash a more harmonious flow needed on your plane at this time.

Indeed many galaxies are witnessing your rebirthing process at this time and are indeed amazed at the blackness. It is like a beacon flashing here and there with very few Groups of Light emanating at this time. To have such darkness is destructive and must be turned around before mass destruction destroys this Universe.

To this end it is imperative that we share the word for in doing so will increase the Light which will heal much.

To do nothing is to commit a crime for indeed many are lost as we speak and in need of guidance to resolve past issues. Some have carried these with them for many a life time and are only now learning to be able to clear them, understand.

It is difficult for many to understand that many Dimensions abide and also many Universes.

It is indeed a more vast complex issue than many men can comprehend, understand.

Hence at this time we will do our best to transcribe in a more universal manner to enable the many to partake.

Man must set aside time to reflect, to go within, to listen, understand. Man’s Intuition will serve him well if only he will listen, for this is True Spirit speaking to him, understand.

In Love and Light.



I said that I am not of the outer but born of the Spirit of God the Father. Call no man your father on earth, for one is your Father who is in heaven.

I knew of this greater and inner state of being, and that the outer was but the shadow. Therefore I overcame the temptation of the senses though which time and space made for separation.

If you overcome this sense of time and space, you shall also enter into this understanding where all is NOW, where there is no separation, no distance, no time.

The originating Spirit of the Father, existing in the simple unity with all power, created the active and passive principles spoken of as Heaven and Earth.

So the work done in the inner or heaven is reproduced in the outer or earth. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and ye shall create in the outer that which is acceptable to him who created you within Himself, His Spirit the ruling Power in heaven and on earth.

The ways of God the Father are perfect, and the soul that is Conscious of the Living Christ is lifted into the simple unity of the Father Who is Eternal and Ever-present.

The simple unity! How gloriously lovely and perfect, how simple is the Truth, how difficult it is for those who dwell in time and space to understand.

When the Christ was raised from the Cross the work of redemption was fulfilled, the whole race was lifted up into unity with the Father.

The Christ is the Son of God; this Christ is the Spirit that animates the whole of humanity, and is the Spirit animating you, the highest creation of God on earth, made in God’s likeness.

The Spirit took upon itself the body of flesh. The Sprit took upon itself the Satan of the senses while dwelling complete in that everlasting state of Eternal Power.

Divine Healing of Mind and Body
The Master Speaks Again
By Murdo MacDonald Bayne.