Mystical Powers:

They do not see themselves as One with The Father.


7 July 2006,

Dearly Beloved,
Yes it is indeed crucial that we gather as much as we can when we can, understand.

The topic of Mystical Powers is indeed a fascinating one. Many people have called it many things over time. Understand that one must not confuse it with witchcraft as the two are totally different areas. One of which is man made and the other being True Spirit at work, understand. Many have tried to tap into the Mystical but could not be further from the Truth because they do not see themselves as One with The Father, understand. Mystical powers come about by the true understanding of who you are, without that you will not achieve true Mystical Powers.

As one evolves one will automatically come into one's own Mystical Powers, understand. When one achieves this state one will indeed be in awe of the many possibilities that surround thee and the power that one has available will astound thee, understand. Vary few on your plane at this time have attained this level.

Many prefer to move off this plane where there is so much negativity and to settle where their vibration knows no attack.

One indeed will master many obstacles along the way and will be truly challenged in a way like no other. It is your job at this time to remain focussed in all that you are doing and allow no interference with this, understand.

We note the energy fading at this time and would ask one to partake of some natural juice.

We leave you in Love and Light.



All will awaken to the Truth, but it is better that the Truth is not fully revealed until such times as the heart becomes pure.

The Creative Power in man is a mighty power indeed, and, when the consciousness becomes aware of it, there must be love to guide and direct Its action.

The Divine Heart of Love must beat in unison with your own. It reveals itself without struggle when you are aware of the Truth. Many people have developed, but are ignorant of the Truth, and thus have created sickness and difficulties for themselves.

When the Truth is known and when these things are seen as relative, the Christ stands above them all, he becomes the eliminator of all adverse circumstances and conditions.

You cannot comprehend the greatness of the Christ in you, for the Christ is ever unfolding the Presence of God that dwelleth in the soul of man.

In every existing soul in the world there dwells the presence of God, and the Christ is unfolding this Presence continuously.

The Christ sees and understands that which is false and that which is true. The Christ also corrects the error, and when the error is corrected the condition disappears.


Divine Healing Of Mind And Body.
The Master Speaks Again. by Murdo Mac Donald Bayne.