Source: is God the Father, a magnificent energy.

Many refer to the Almighty as God the Father and those with a greater understanding will recognise The Father as the Source.


9 August 2006

It is indeed a pleasure to be with you once again.

It is imperative at this time that Man lay his thinking towards the Source of his being, for here underlies the importance of the soul understand.
It is indeed in all that we speak and is indeed the ALL.

Man is quite happy to live with not a care in the world until a crisis strikes and this in turn causes Man to question his origin.

Here lies the great Truth for Man to explore, for Man to take ownership hereof.

Man limits his thinking and in so doing limits his capabilities. He fails to see from where he came and to where he shall return.

Many refer to the Almighty as God the Father and those with a greater understanding will recognise The Father as the Source. The Source is indeed a magnificent energy, a pure energy.

Man must strive to enlighten himself as to the Source so as to unfold and be embraced in this mighty force. It is indeed a magnificent aura and one will proclaim such a desire to unfold and be embraced in this energy.

It is in awe that we note the impending doom and gloom mentality of the many, if only they would open their hearts to the higher energy and let their purpose be known to the Father then all would be taken care of.

One also notes at this time the timing of events have captured the many and to free oneself of the misery they have proclaimed will take a shift of great magnitude, understand.

It is to be said at this time also that man will face many challenges for he has indeed created many challenges.

One must not be deceived by the perception one faces but see it for what it is. Man has yet to reach the understanding of the great principles and only deceives himself to a greater degree.

Man must start his journey in earnest to return to the Source, understand.

In Love and Light.


5 June 2006,

Indeed, Indeed A glorious time to be had by all is on the horizon. May we indeed congratulate you on your new found dimension. It would be wise to develop this at this time for it will aid us all greatly with the shift.

It is to be endorsed that you will indeed return to the Galactic Field to initiate your response to affiliate the many requirements this day. One will indeed be pleasantly surprised with the change of tide at this time. All is not lost and all will not be lost for indeed you have amazing talents lying hidden from view at this time. However all is soon to be released and to become evident to the many surrounding you this hour.

We of the Navaho Tribe would welcome Jonathon to us this day to continue with his lessons of this time.

Indeed a pleasure to be with you all again. Yes, indeed it is the time of dawning, of making sure many outstanding workers are prepared at this time to bring forth the writings needed to be shared with man on this plane at this time. A failure to do so will darken the planet and cause mass destruction both for mankind and also the planet.

We must stress once again the importance of a journal to be logged, dated, as records are easily lost on paper or not put in the correct order understand. We may decide at this time to forgo the writings in preference for the visual contact.

May we ask that you set aside a specific time daily to do this. It is necessary to create the frequency on a regular basis understand.

Many light workers are working diligently at this time, however most are not on the True path understand, but have put THEIR slant on it, understand. It is imperative that things are logged as stated, understand. With this in mind it is indeed a pleasure to see that this is not the case here. You are indeed well rested and ready to start the most exciting journey of your life and also of mankind’s life at this time. Understand many visuals will be bought forth at this time to aid in your understanding of specific requirements.

Also it is imperative that one practises the breath with the release of such with the sound OM, understand. This clears any static and instils a peace and calmness ready to begin the transcripts understand.

May we allow fellow Light Workers to join us today to celebrate the union of the workers, the union of all spheres at this remarkable occasion.
Indeed you will all recognise the importance of Source being our Prime Commander and the only Commander of this time.

Many will bring forth intrepid interpretations which will need correction. We would ask therefore that many of you will need to be careful to not allow your slant on things but acknowledge as stated, understand.

It is absolutely astonishing to see the corruption amongst those who call themselves Light Workers. It will indeed create confusion at a time when it is of importance to have stability within a field, a title understand. Know however these ones will self destruct for indeed the pressure they will bring unto themselves will be enormous. If ones heart is indeed clear, indeed pure, allowing the flow to be accurately channelled and stated this will indeed allow freedom to mankind and also the planet.

Note the planet is indeed in need of healing at this time, and for this reason I ask that we all join in silence this day sending forth Love, Healing to aid the process, understand...............

Note all will not be as it were for it is indeed time for the planet to release energy in different centres which will cause the land to change formation as you now know it. Many will gather in safe locations globally to continue with the work for the Father. We note there indeed will be mass loss of life, land, animals for indeed there needs to be Unity and the only way to change things dramatically is major changes that will instil this. Many will indeed be frightened by what they see but will come to a greater understanding of what is needed to be done and what will be done.

Food will become an issue to many until they come to the recognition that less is more and indeed sustains them longer than they at first thought. Indeed mankind’s food types will change and become healthier which is indeed the cause of major diseases at this time. Workshops will gain momentum in crisis times so it is with pleasure that we will guide you all to the destinations of work.

Many will be required to travel afar to spread the Truth and Heal the many. You all will indeed relish in your work knowing you all are indeed dedicated Workers of the Light.

Many of you will note at this time the confusion surrounding the planet. Some state it will totally destruct while others state nothing will occur, that it is only man’s consciousness that will change. Let us clarify for you all this day to have a shift in mans consciousness also requires a shift in consciousness for the planet.

Understand all is energy, whether in planet, mankind, animal, plants, water. Where one has a change all must undergo a change also. Raising a vibration on one level creates a rise on all levels, understand. Man is fooled into believing that only one area of consciousness will be elevated. This is not possible for all is vibration, is it not. Many do not see the relative in all. They are still lost in separation at this time. Until everyone sees there is no separation in anything then one is indeed lost. This is where the confusion lies for many workers, for on one hand they believe themselves to be a True Source yet in their perceiving of it they add separation. There is no separation only Unity. So once again I stipulate UNITY.

Where one consciousness changes so do all consciousness’s across many levels. So to raise the consciousness of mankind also the planet rises in consciousness and also other species as well. For all are interconnected via Source, understand. Globally much speculation at this time is fruitless for many are still seeing this separation of man and planet understand. When one recognises the energy in all then one is indeed on the right path, for all is energy, energy of the Christ. Our Source radiates out and permeates all, understand. We will leave off here today and would ask that you reflect on words stated, being careful not to add or slant your perspective but to accept and digest as stated, understand.

In Love and Light.




I speak from the Christ, I always did, and that is why my words seem strange to those who live only in the outer. Millions are still in bondage, yet at all times my door is open to all, to come in and sup with me.

A Satan tries to bar the way, and that Satan is the false personality, the Satan of the senses, that all have to overcome.

This illusion of the mortal sense is the only hindrance to the realisation of true Spiritual Consciousness, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within yourselves. I am the Life, the same of 2,000 years ago. As Moses and Elijah were 2,000 years before my appearance on earth yet it was the same Life expressed in all. I am before Abraham.

Time does not exist ; I am now as I was and always will be. In this realisation you must also remember that you are the living expression of the Almighty, for the Father is ever working in you.

The Divine Power that exists in you is the same as in me, and as your consciousness unfolds into the greater consciousness of God, so you will know me.

The Voice of the Christ is fearless and all- powerful. Christ is the conquerer, and will conquer, for it is the Law of God that the Christ shall have dominion over all things.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body
The Master Speaks Again By Murdo MacDonald Bayne.