Murdo MacDonald Bayne

A belief only hinders the revealing of the Truth. Believing or disbelieving, accepting or rejecting, will not give you understanding. Cleanse your mind first by discerning impersonally all you have read or heard, and you will find a silence that is not of time in which the Truth will be revealed to you.

To the atheist, you think you are a disbeliever but you have just another belief which prevents you from understanding. Search your mind and see what formulations you have created there; then you will realise how ignorant you are of the Real Truth.

To those who are caught up in the various philosophies, religious organisations, etc., I would say, examine what these are first before you read this book or you will be merely reading your own conditioning into it. Free your mind from all fear, superstition and belief, and then there will be an immediate transformation, for the Truth is Eternal and Ever-present in the Now.

Immediately you get rid of your mental formulations, your imitations, by understanding what they are and how they have come about, the Truth will be revealed instantly. Truth is not a matter of time or becoming.

Becoming is always to-morrow, this is going away from Reality-Truth. Being now, is Truth. If Truth is not Now, it never will be to-morrow. Living in the Now, moment to moment, this is Truth.

There cannot be any memory, or right or wrong, past or future, when you live in the Now; there can only be Love and Affection which is Truth.

Being Now, is Real; Being Now, is loving and truly living: Being Now, is Eternal Life in which there is no death. All else is made up in your mind.

Your reactions will tell you how your mind is made up, because Truth is not made up, and has no reaction. It is the mind that reacts according to its conditioning; therefore watch your reactions and you will see how you are caught up.

Everyone reacts differently according to his or her mental make-up.

If you believe or if you disbelieve, if you reject or accept, if you feel that it is disturbing your pet ideas, your religious beliefs, if you are in any way mentally disturbed, it shows that you are not free. Your reactions may be automatic, which shows you are bound hand and foot.

Note your reactions and you will understand the self with its bundle of theories, its formulations, its likes and dislikes, beliefs, ideas, its hates, its jealousies, its antagonisms, its wants. Then you will know how far you are from the Truth.

Beyond The Himalayas.
Murdo MacDonald Bayne.



I started the outcropping of my mind, watching, observing what was rising to the surface impersonally. It was not long before I grasped, "That which the mind is made up of is not the Truth."

Eventually there was a silence, not a silence that I was accustomed to, but a silence that came from a mind that was freed from conflicting ideas and images. And in that Silence I experienced a sense of Reality. In that "moment" was Eternity, and all the power and glory of Its expression was "Now."

If I could only hold this tremendous source of wisdom, love and power! But then I started thinking and lost it.

I tried to recapture that moment but it was gone, it was now an experience, a memory, the moment that was past was no more.Yet I did not realise that in that moment was the Eternal, and to live from moment to moment was the Living Truth, the Oneness of all things was Now. There was no beginning and no ending. When I realised this I was no longer in separation, I was one with all, the Creator and His Creation became one with me.

Words cannot explain or reveal this state of Being, it was mine now and forever, and I was satisfied; the search was over, and now I could go further. I knew that nothing outside myself could reveal it, I had to realise It for myself.

Next morning I felt light, as if a great burden had been taken from me. I lived in the moment of Eternity, I was no longer anxious, my craving ceased. I was free.

Beyond The Himalayas.
by Murdo Macdonald Bayne.






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