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It is most unwise to consult the Holy Book for reference.


25 August 2006

Greeting Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure.

It is noted with interest the subject of Proverbs.

It is most unwise to consult the Holy Book for reference, for here lies the dilemma. Man has only recorded his interpretations and not the accuracies of the Source.

Understand Man has indeed lent his opinion too much over the light years and has by far been swayed by the masses of the time to interpret things a little differently.

He would be wise to listen to his Inner Voice and not that of fellow man for in so doing will be guided and nurtured into gaining a greater understanding of the whole.

It is indeed a matter of reprint, for the latter will indeed be persuaded to be written in a monosyllable language for the all, to encourage and not crucify man for his attempts at learning The Truth, understand.

It is in utter dismay that we allow the said to be documented, for in so doing will bring an outcry and outpouring upon your plane.

Man has divided himself into groups and in so doing has bought about dissention.

The Almighty did not classify his children, nor did he want them segregated. He wanted Unity.

Unity in all. No division.

Man has taken on these so called Proverbs as though they were Gospel and wrecked havoc, instilling hate, division, greed.

Reckless is he who believes in such material for the Father has stated that to Know Me, is to Be Me.

No limitations, no divisions, no greed, only Love and Understanding.

Man has endured many a life time of pain and suffering needlessly.

He is too quick to believe the false words of fellow man before first exploring the Father Within and his Mighty Wisdom.

In Love and Light.



Most people have missed the point of the great Christ Power within, because this Christ Power is the combina­tion of the Father-Mother-God, and is the Child or expression of the Father-Mother—the Consciousness and the Intelligence as one, acting as one.

So your thoughts are the product of the Divine Power which exists within you. When you recognise that your
thoughts externalise themselves you will learn that the law of thought is immutable.

We see then that the Christ is the Power that brings forth every good thing you have ; health, happiness and excellence in life. That is why the Christ. is proclaimed the completeness of everything in the individual.

" Know ye not then that ye are the temple of the Living God ? " Practice until you become conscious of the great Creative Power in the world within that creates the world without. This is not obtained in one day or one week ; it needs constant awareness of the truth.

Although Jesus had been taught by all, the great Masters of His time, plus His great inherent knowing, His greatest realisation came when He commenced His ministry at the age of thirty. If we could only catch a glimpse of His Mighty Mind and see what it can do in our lives ! The recognition. of the complete awareness of this secret power is the key to all things.

It is only when we commence our ministry in life, in acting out our knowing, that we show our faith. What I mean by this is, that just to know is not enough : there must be action.

When this power is established the desire for wealth disappears because you have the means to create that which is greater than riches. It does not mean you have to do without things or even deny yourself any of the gifts of God. To get, you must give, and to give you must get, and the Infinite is not insolvent. It is not listening to the word ; it is acting out the word in every­day life. That was the Master's command.

When we are spiritually bankrupt we are insolvent because the Truth is not in us. To serve others we must have the power to serve, and true happiness comes from serving. The more we give the more we get. We must become channels through which the Universal can express itself in Divine action. God seeks to express Himself, and humanity is His, best means of expression. He expresses Himself through the channels where He can be of greatest service to mankind.

What Is Mine Is Thine: Part1

Murdo MacDonald Bayne