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Beyond The Himalayas

By Murdo MacDonald Bayne

“From that time on I was directed step by step to the great Himalayas in Tibet; and there
in the hidden recesses of the majestic snow-clad mountains where the atmosphere is so clear
and the vibrations so pure that heaven opens on to the earth, in that glorious state where heaven
and earth are as one, I was instructed what to do and where to go. During my sojourn there I
witnessed spiritual manifestations so wonderful that words utterly fail to describe them. Later I will present to the world, in book form details of these happenings---what I saw and heard,
also my travels and experiences, with descriptions of the way to the most inaccessible parts of
the Great Tibetan Himalayas. I shall also reveal the joys and ecstasy of meeting daily with the
Masters, whose love, sympathy and simplicity is the secret of their mighty Power. For Love is
God and God is Love. ‘For He so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that they who hearken unto Him will find eternal immortality.’ When the Soul is ready the Master
appears, and those who are ready will hear and know the Master’s voice proclaiming all nations
one nation, all peoples one people, all life one Life; one Tree with many branches, but the same
Life in all: One in all and all in One. “I, myself, make no claim; I am just a voice in the wilderness calling to the sons and
daughters of God to hearken unto the Truth. For this I was told I was born.”

Yoga Of The Christ

By Murdo MacDonald Bayne

The Christ Yoga is impossible to anyone who approaches it with a mind that is cluttered
with private conclusions, prejudices and experiences. The Christ Yoga is the Love, the
Wisdom of God---the Christ free and active, not merely an idea of It, which is a hindrance to
Its Creativeness. An idea is but the projection of the self with all its conditioning surrounding


But there can be no real understanding if we listen only to those things that soothe us,
that gratify or confirm our beliefs, our ideas. It is an art to listen to everything without
prejudice, with-out building up defences to protect our ignorance, our confirmed beliefs, our
original knowledge, our particular idiosyncrasies and our own points of view, and listen to find
out the truth of the matter. For it is only the truth that fundamentally frees us---not conclusions
or speculations, but the perception of what is not true. What the mind is made up of is not
Truth; the Truth is beyond mind, so the mind must cease to formulate before Truth is revealed.



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I speak from the Christ, I always did, and that is why my words seem strange to those who live only in the outer. Millions are still in bondage, yet at all times my door is open to all, to come in and sup with me.

A Satan tries to bar the way, and that Satan is the false personality, the Satan of the senses, that all have to overcome.

This illusion of the mortal sense is the only hindrance to the realisation of true Spiritual Consciousness, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within yourselves. I am the Life, the same of 2,000 years ago. As Moses and Elijah were 2,000 years before my appearance on earth yet it was the same Life expressed in all. I am before Abraham.

Time does not exist ; I am now as I was and always will be. In this realisation you must also remember that you are the living expression of the Almighty, for the Father is ever working in you.

The Divine Power that exists in you is the same as in me, and as your consciousness unfolds into the greater consciousness of God, so you will know me.

The Voice of the Christ is fearless and all- powerful. Christ is the conquerer, and will conquer, for it is the Law of God that the Christ shall have dominion over all things.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body
The Master Speaks Again By Murdo MacDonald Bayne.