Warnings to Man:

This in turn is causing great stress to the planet and will if continued cause mass destruction far and wide


8 September 2006

Greetings at this time this place.
It is indeed noted the shift is upon us this day.

We would welcome more input to Source from the many. Many are gathered on your plane of existence at this time awaiting the arrival of the Hierarchy. Many tumultuous times are ahead of man this hour.

Man must recognise his origin and begin to explore to make the necessary changes for in so doing will lift his consciousness to aid the many at this time.

Much deliverance abounds on your plane at this time and the many in waiting are preparing for the cataclysmic change.

Note all is not well with your planet at this time and mass healing is required to get it through its rebirthing stages.

It is within man’s capabilities at this time to comprehend the ‘All’ for it has been eons past that first generated this experience.

Man will indeed become enlightened and transpire to the grand evolution for indeed this was requested.

Man must make room for the change to begin.

Man must make time to raise his vibration this hour for in so doing will raise the vibration of the planet which is needed this hour.

Many will see this to be the end of existence as you know it, but indeed it will propel you into the next dimension to begin further exploration of the soul lessons.

We leave in Love and Light this day.


30 August 2006

Greetings at this time this place.
It is indeed noted the shift.

It is wise for man to sit up and be counted as he has indeed slipped from Grace at this time.

Man fails to see his actions cause him untold pain and hardship.

If only he would listen to his inner self and not be influenced by things exterior.

It is with great pleasure we have Jonathon with us this day to welcome you and say how delighted he is with progress thus far.

It is indeed paramount at this time to repeat, repeat, repeat for man to cease all of the havoc he is making.

He is indeed blind to his actions. This in turn is causing great stress to the planet and will if continued cause mass destruction far and wide.

If man could see what he is doing and change his actions then much could be saved.

It is important this hour to reach the many, to make them understand the destruction they are causing.

You must be willing to share your knowledge with as many people as are in need this hour.

Rest assured many will seek thy guidance this hour and many will deliberate this hour.

Thy Heavenly Father reigns supreme. It must be done unto others as thyself, understand.

Gracious is he who accepts the Word. Gracious is he who acts on the Word, Gracious is he who repeats the Word.

In Love and Light.


16 August 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to be with you this day.

We note at this time the confusion around the many dates of the calendar surrounding the shift of consciousness and would state that there is no such thing as time in our sphere as it is in yours.

Therefore we only see progression of ones soul and this determines the cause and effect going on at the current moment of time understand. It is important that one does not get fixed on times and dates as many levels of development over shadow ones existence at this time.

Many duties are perceived as onerous and should be seen as an instruction to a lesson needing further development at this time. One would be wise to instruct the development of one’s knowledge to be made available so as to see one’s progress thus far.

One only need ask and one may indeed see where one is at in the stages of evolvement, understand. It is vital for the soul to undertake numerous duties to expand and grow.

Many allow the negative to affect them to such a degree as to not see the lesson that lies within. It is indeed the Master’s wish that all of his children learn the Master’s tools and how to use them accordingly.

One would be wise to first acknowledge one’s soul and the journeys it must travel to gain the understanding.

It is imperative that the teachings are not just written but also taught through experiences also for this has a far greater impact.

Alas not all things are perceived this way and man cannot see as he should be and is allowing his ego self to direct him away from The Source at this time. Man needs to question himself more and come to the realisation of his True Identity, understand.

Here he will find the expansion will begin within and many closed doors will open in to the brilliance that lies dormant within.

One indeed will explore the never ending stream of knowledge that will allow expansion and growth.

Man’s time has come that he has allowed the ego to dominate for too long and now must suffer the perils of his own making.

Understand many will perceive this to be necessary and many will be in shock and frightened depending on their development at this time.

One must always understand one will only experience what is needed for the soul’s growth.

Many cataclysmic changes are in store for your plane of existence at this time.

Man has neglected his soul’s development and not listened to his heart, but to others. This has led to wars and loss.

Man has also abused the planet that sustains life and also the animals have been slaughtered en mass and this has bought about mass destruction.

When all of this negative energy is sustained then Man has to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Man must learn to LOVE , NURTURE, FORGIVE, UNITE for his growth to proceed.

He is turning away from the very thing the Father created. He is destroying all of the beauty that abounds, understand.

Man must take heed this hour.

In Love and Light.





You are the thinker, the Spirit with no opposition. The Spirit thinks in the substance and the thought is objectified. If you know the Truth you can create what you think providing you know the Law. But if you are ignorant of the Truth you create conditions that are negative because of the fear you hold in your mind. Then you react to these conditions and create the vicious circle. This is the manner of your thinking every day, is it not ? All your troubles are paramount, everything that bothers you is generally on your mind, ill-health, unhappiness, limitation, lack, fear of the past and the future. Truth means release and life. Ignorance is frustration and death.

Thought is the Spirit's mode of motion and is governed by law. Its greatest vitality is given by Love, for this is the fruit of the Spiritual " I." Realise that the " I, " you, " I am " Divine Spiritual Creative Power that knows no opposition. Courage and feeling are necessary. No lasting thought is ever produced without feeling. Would you listen if you were spoken to without feeling ? Would you feel the power of my thought if I skimmed over my words and without knowing the meaning of what I was saying ? Behind the thought there must be feeling
this is the power that gives it form.

You must develop an awareness that will bring faith, courage and feeling into your efforts, and then you will know what Divine Metaphysics means. It means accom­plishment—exercising, continually exercising the Truth. I cannot do that for you ; you have to do it for your­selves. Exercise is the way to establish the habit ; then the mental attitude is produced. Those who fail have only established the habit of failure ; those who succeed establish the habit of success. React constructively to every event in life. Get the habit. Know there is no failure with God, neither can there be with you. React constructively to every event of life.


What Is Mine Is Thine: Part1

Murdo MacDonald Bayne