Lightning Strikes:

Lightning is indeed generated through the magnetic field that surrounds the ‘All’.


10 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,
It is a pleasure as always to impart the Wisdom upon one to aid mankind to have a greater understanding, indeed.

Lightning strikes have had some fascinating conclusions over time but none have been close with their interpretations.

Lightning is indeed generated through the magnetic field that surrounds the ‘All’, understand.

At times Man creates such negative fields that the ethereal has then to balance the field with a charge.

We laugh at the many reasons your so called scientists give this. They lack the true understanding of their being and fail to see themselves as ethereal.

Man polarises the planet with his field of electricity you could call it, thus the need to bring balance both to man and planet. It is indeed spectacular to watch from afar, it is like what you call ‘fireworks‘, understand.

It may take man several more eons to grasp the concept of the magnetic field and that he has command over this. It is indeed a modus operandi.

Man is still too entrenched in the fleshy side to acknowledge his ethereal state, understand.

We leave you in Love and Light.




During the next few years a great advancement in science will be made in the world. Much of it will uplift mankind, yet much will also be used to injure man on earth.

Here again is the intellect being used without the guidance of the Spirit - the pure in heart.

The world is still eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and only when mankind takes hold of the Tree of Life - the Christ within - will his salvation come.

If you examine closely what you think about things, you will find these are external to you and are therefore relative to you. If you call it good or evil you will know that it is relative to you. Know that you are controlled and directed by a power that is within yourselves, a power that is neither good nor evil but perfect in Itself. This is the Christ of God.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body.
The Master Speaks Again. by Murdo MacDonald Bayne.