To have Dignity is to have Grace.Man needs to self examine for here he will discover how he has fallen.


20 July 2006,

Dearly Beloved,
What a glorious site this day. It is in awe that we speak this day for much change abounds at this time.

You would be wise to take heed for numerous encounters at this time will try and strip one of one’s Dignity.

Man must come to realise that to have Dignity is to have Grace, understand. Many have gone before thee and many will say man has lost his Dignity of this time.

Man needs to self examine for here he will discover how he has fallen. Man needs to be more responsible for indeed to handle matters with much Dignity is to be praised, understand.

Man has indeed fallen in this area and needs much encouragement to transform oneself.

It is to say that all is needed to righten oneself at this time for in doing so will create a more harmonious being.

One should become more aware of how one acts, how one responds to trigger the key of change.

It is noted that man has let his emotions run wild and get the better of him and Dignity has been thrown to the wind.

It is understated when people say to have Dignity is to have Grace, understand.

In Love and Light.





For only through Love can you partake of the feast that the Father has prepared for you.

This is what you also have to learn upon earth. How often have you withheld your love from someone who you thought did wrong? It is none of your business anyhow. It is all between the Father and His child, and, if you remember this, you will refrain from criticising others and turn this weapon upon yourselves first.

You will understand others better, when you see your own faults first.

You would condemn! Condemn not, lest ye be condemned. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Take the plank out of your own eye, then you may be able to see better how to take the splinter out of your brother's eye.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body. The Master Speaks Again. By Murdo MacDonald Bayne.