Seek the wisdom that lies within to know True Freedom, understand.


25 August 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,

A pleasure to be with you at this time for the expression of the soul for thy soul.

It is indeed noted at this time the constraints Man has laid upon himself. It is in utter dismay to see such limitations where there should be none.

If Man would only open his heart to the Freedom that lies within.

Man is so full of his ego self that he is shut off and denying himself his birthright.

It is our endeavours at this time to enlighten Man to his True Self, awaken his senses, teach him to master his Universal Powers that lie within.

Man is his own crucifier for the Almighty has set down no restraints, no limitations, no judgement, only Love.

Love of oneself, Love of another, Love of The Father.

If Man was to lift the binding shroud that surrounds him and be open and receptive to the All then Man could claim the All.

For in so doing would erase all limitations that bind him. He could explore like a child being free.

It is with great astonishment that we witness the blindness to the all encompassing Power of The Father this hour.

One must turn around and seek the wisdom that lies within to know True Freedom, understand.

It is with much deliverance this hour that we must stress upon Man to get to know himself, to explore himself, to witness his underlying causes this hour for in so doing will set him on the path to Freedom.

Man will then begin to relinquish his ties and chains that bind him, allowing only Peace and Harmony to flow. One must succumb to the beauty that lies within.

In so doing Man will finally understand Freedom.

In Love and Light.



When you have wisdom you act as Divinity acts. When you are ignorant you act as an ordinary mortal acts ; he lives in the effects that control him. Cast these things aside and come into your Divine nature ; then there is no longer any confusion.

The most desired by all is a state of health and circum­stances that produce a happy and constructive life. Therefore methods should be studied that will create habits of constructive thinking that will produce only these desirable conditions. This is by no means easy at first, as old mental habits are difficult to eliminate. If you have in the past established the habit of critical and destructive thinking, such is bound to have an effect upon your environment, and it will be necessary for you to cultivate a mental attitude that will lead to constructive thinking. Imagination and concentration are the adjuncts for this purpose.

Imagination gathers up the material for the mind to weave the fabric for your future; concentration is the focusing of the mind by the will; and the mind flows into the mould made by the will through concentrative thought. Mind must be made obedient to the will, and the will must accustom itself to command.

What Is Mine Is Thine: Part1

Murdo macDonald Bayne