The Wisdom of the Father will Eternally set us free.


21 May 2007

Indeed a pleasure to confer with you at this time.

Much is to occur on your plane at this time. Many are searching this hour and many are still lost.

It appears that man is deceiving himself when he says he is not responsible for his actions.

Whom then does he think is responsible?

If man would only take heed of the warnings then man could unite whereby raising the energy/frequency and prevent much destruction.

Man will stay ignorant until it is too late and will indeed be accountable.

Mass destruction upon your plane is evident this hour.

In Love and Light


21 March 2007

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to be with you at this time.
Immeasurable acquaintances will befall you this day.

It is for you to deliver as said, as stated understand.

As night falls and light fades the world will indeed feel the tremors begin.

No man will escape the final hour for it has come to pass that much change is needed to restore this plane to its former glory.

Many will seek shelter from the storm and many will perish doing so.

It is indeed appropriate this day to remind man of his deception surrounding his perceived obstacles.

If man was to change his thought pattern and not see it as an obstacle then there would be no obstacle.

Man must change his thought pattern to see things as lessons, necessary for growth, and to go with the flow and not fight it.

When one perceives it as an experience then one is not seeing it as an obstacle so therefore there will not be an obstacle.

Mans lets his ego rule at times and makes his experiences difficult instead of just accepting them and going with the flow.

Greetings from afar.
What a glorious time it is, to see the reflection of what is to be and what is to come.

Know that all is for a purpose and all will be restored to its former glory.

Many will seek to be returned and many will allow thy Father to access his many children via them.

One will indeed delight in thy beautiful surroundings.

A peace will fill thy air like no other. Man will indeed unite and celebrate as One.

Glory, Glory, Glory on High.

In Love and Light.


9 March 2007.

Greetings Dear Heart.
A pleasure as always to speak this day.

It is noted on the horizon the magnificent aura. One would do well to bask in the glory of knowing, for here holds the key to all, understand.

Much deliverance surrounds the shift and all would be wise to focus one’s energy on the knowing. The knowing of the Truth and allow all to flow knowing that all is an experience necessary for growth this hour.

Man has hindered his progress as he has allowed his ego self to control him instead of letting the Father Almighty be his guide.

Many have sneered at the works for they find them simple.

But simplicity is the key. Man cannot understand the simplicity of The Law and continues to go on searching in all the wrong places for he is searching for something that he feels must fill the mind.

He fails to see that it should be filling his heart with Love, Love of the Father, Love of the self, Love of one another.

Foolish is he who wont listen. Foolish is he that wont accept the heart rules, not the mind.

Once one masters all operations via the heart then one is on the True Path.

Destined to feel Love, to share Love, to give Love. Love, not hatred, jealousy, greed or selfishness is what the Father desires of his flock.

To know me is to be me.

In Love and Light


7 March 2007

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to be with thee this day

May thy message for the web today be for all to reflect on the Truth.

To go in search of the Truth.

To not stop until one uncovers the heart felt feelings within that this is the way, the only way.

Seek and ye shall find.

Let nothing or nobody put you off your path of true enlightenment.

Be guided by your heart, for here thy Father will nurture you and guide you in all.

In Love and Light.


9 November 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure to be with you all at this time.

Man has indeed created much confusion at this time and would be wise to consolidate his energy into knowing whom he is, understand.

Man wonders on not fulfilling his role at this time and that is to seek whom he really is and his purpose here at this time.

Man is so consumed in the self that he fails to see the suffering close by and offer assistance.

It is to this end that man will indeed awaken and become remorseful for he has allowed the ego self too much reign.

It must be said that to know me is to be me and man would be wise to absorb those simple words for here lies much truth.

Man must not wait for it to be done for him for this indeed teaches nothing.

To have the experience teaches far more.

Man must surrender his ego self and become a servant of the Father and carry forth the Father’s works for in so doing will bring about much needed change.

Change is crucial to the future of this plane for it has indeed become corrupt by too much greed and not enough caring for the other.

Love thy neighbor as thy self, do unto others as you would thy self.

Man has pushed aside these simple truths and in so doing has created much pain and suffering both to himself and the planet.

Man must wake up and recognize that change is indeed what is needed this hour.

In Love and Light


24 October 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure to be with you on this occasion.

We note the great works being done at this time and would commend the many searching this hour for their identity.

One must resource the many avenues until one is at peace within and comes to recognize the Father is ‘All.’

One will deliver to the masses that one must not become subject to deception as one travels one’s journey and must always judge by one’s feelings, understand.

Knowledge is no good unless it is felt, for it is the feelings of the expression that teaches man the most.

Without feelings then words are lost and not absorbed or learnt by, understand.

It is indeed a profound expression to have to feel one’s way for in so doing teaches the most and the lesson is learned the most.

Too many think they can learn solely by the written word and not by the heartfelt expression of the word.

Man has yet to fully comprehend the mighty value of the spoken word.

He uses it too flippantly. One must master the expression of the word and the feelings associated with it to learn the most, understand.

Words are energy and have a negative and a positive value.

Man must harness the positive word to harness the positive energy and cause a lift in vibration to the greater good of mankind, understand.

In Love and Light



29 September 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to be with you at this time.

It is indeed noted the rays across the atmosphere and may we remind the ‘All’ to surrender and become One.

One with the Father Almighty whom without his existence no one would reside this day.

One must glorify oneself in the awe for in so doing allows one’s self to be immersed in the Light. To feel the awe inspiring Love penetrate the soul, to allow the magnificent works to unfold.

One is always dubious when travelling into territories unknown but be rest assured the Almighty would not cause any of his children pain unnecessarily.

To allow the Father to express his work through you is the highest acclaim. One would be wise to listen, to allow the soul to nourish itself to replenish from the well within for in so doing will open a much needed expression to be released.

Man has hindered his progress at this time for he fails to see the powers the Almighty gave him and has let his ego rule.

In doing so he has brought untold pain and suffering not only to himself but to this planet. It is indeed time to awaken and take control before all is lost for in so doing can bring about much change which will in turn create much healing.

Mans own destiny can indeed be altered and man must remind himself the purpose of the journey is to experience much but not become the victim of the experience.

We shall endeavour to bring to you at this time the necessary tools to lift the veil, to allow oneself the freedom to explore other consciousnesses, to expand, to further grasp the concept that all is not what you think nor will ever be.

It is to this end that man must awaken and be healed and allow the planet to heal for in so doing will unite the many.

We are extremely pleased to see the interest in the web for indeed it is reaching many levels of existence at this time.

We would welcome at this time a reading from Murdo for indeed whilst on your plane he expanded man’s consciousness in a way no other had done.

He reminds fellow Light Workers that to explore is to concur. One must become to be. One must deliberate then practice.

To Know Me is to Be Me is indeed a profound statement. One must glorify oneself in the knowledge that All is.

One indeed will relish the chance to be, to become, for it is indeed intended.

One will exhilarate one's being when the Ultimate State is perceived. Man’s consciousness will expand when he has indeed put into practise the Laws.

Seek me, Know me, BE ME.

In Love and Light.


19 September 2006. (3 of 3)

Greetings Dear Heart,
Indeed a pleasure to speak this day.

We note at this time the terrible situation your plane is in and would take this opportunity to remind man that he indeed is being held responsible for his actions.

Man must look no further than the self to rewind his mistakes and become the owner of them.

If Man would only recognise this then much would be halted and change would come about to the benefit of man.

Man is so self obsessed with his own desires to fully comprehend his true self. It is indeed a great waste to throw caution to the wind and not avail oneself to the mysteries that lay within.

If Man would only take the time to explore the vast knowledge within, then man would indeed find his hidden treasure.

It is astounding to see the many still searching out side of themselves when all they need do is seek the solitude and go within.

The great Masters have prepared many lessons at this time and would be honoured if you would oblige them with the undertaking to see that all is indeed broadcast.

Many are with you at this time and many whom gained little insight while on your plane are now learning through the publicised site.

Many are also learning to accept more responsibilities on other planes of existence at this time and would welcome your input to acknowledge their presence here with you at this time.

Many schools of thought coexist at one time and many, many more are relishing your input to indeed help them move on at this time.

Too much structure on your plane at this time is limiting man’s freedom to explore nature and recharge his batteries as it were.

Too many are not seeking to charge their batteries by nature and are therefore exposing themselves to much pain and misery.

If man was to experience more light and fresh air to his vehicle he would indeed find his motor replenished with the vital nutrients to proceed.

It is indeed sad to see such primitive happenings and we find it hard that man has not explored his own vehicle further but allows all this artificial stuff to penetrate his vehicle.

He treats his vehicle as though it were a dumping ground and then pays the price for wasted material stored.

Such deliverance this day must be around consumables. Consumables that are foreign to one’s system will indeed damage it, so therefore man would do well to exclude foreign matter before it is too late.

One must not allow these chemicals to erode the vehicle, understand.

If only one would take the time to consult within before putting within then man would indeed be guided not to.

To try an justify it is pure deceit.

In Love and Light.


19 September 2006. (2 of 3)

Indeed, indeed,
It is imperative to adapt a pattern to bring one into alignment with thy Father.

It is first bought upon us to first acknowledge his presence in each and everything.

There is nothing that thy Father does not abide in.

Your future is indeed bound by experiences and your freewill has led you astray at times for you fail to recognise thy Father's presence in all you say and do.

Therefore man has to be accountable for his actions to which much pain and suffering is bought down for the experience caused.

Man does not understand his actions and his consequences. He needs to make restitution.

He must stop look and listen closely before responding. Man also fails to understand the power of his words and these are causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Thy Father Is very forgiving of his children if only they would first recognise their mistakes and make restitution.

One should indeed partake in meditation for in so doing stills thy mind and allows all to flow.

Note at first one will have great difficulty focussing and emptying the mind of all clutter. But as one progresses this will indeed become a very peaceful state whereby you will be in a stillness like no other.

In this state one will experience Thy Divine Presence and will be filled with Love Eternal.

One would be wise to set aside the time to practise on a regular basis and before you know it you will actually look forward to the experience and feel remarkable afterwards.

In grounding oneself with thy Father then one is allowing the energy to flow out, not as others see it as flowing in. Man becomes confused here and gets his flow wrong.

The more experienced one becomes and allows the flow the greater the experiences of Divine Love will flow.

In Love and Light.


19 September 2006. (1 of 3)

Greetings to Thee at this time, this place.
It is indeed noted the good works being produced at this time.

You would be wise to include excerpts from Joshua as he is indeed with us this day and would welcome the opportunity to converse at this time.

Welcome Brothers of the Light,

May I say how tremendous it is to see so many of you collaborating to spread the word at this time. Deliverance is the key at this time and many are over looking their birthright to examine foreign cultures.

It is indeed a splendid sight, the post, and we would recommend further development at this time. Many will indeed proclaim to be investing but will only stay a while till other pastures lure them on, only to find they return for none have the simplistic answer as this site does.

May we remind man this hour to reflect on his being to acknowledge the Father in all.

Many are still in search out side of themselves and are becoming increasingly frustrated.

One need look no further than thy self, for here lies all the answers to your questions.

One must allow The Source freedom to express and all will indeed flow.

Thy Father is indeed with each and everyone for he created us all.

Man still sees the Father out there separate to us all and this is not so.

Thy Father gave all freedom to roam and to experience many lessons along the way to propel you back to his Divine Love and Wisdom.

However, many of you have strayed at this time and are lost.

It is imperative to stop your searching out side of thy self and listen to thy Father within, for he has been with you throughout all, not interfering, but patiently waiting for you to open your heart and acknowledge him.

One must surrender the man made culture of falseness to proclaim the all.

Man must see this deception this hour for he is indeed causing much havoc to this plane of existence at this time.

Man must learn to unite and become as One to reap the fruits of the Father.

May we all pray for the future to bring Unity back to mankind, for indeed he has bought about much separation, which in turn has caused havoc on your plane.

May we bid you farewell at this time and say we will return again.

In Love and Light.


21 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,

It is indeed a great pleasure to be spending time this hour. May we Rejoice in the Knowing, Rejoice in the Understanding, Rejoice in the Knowledge for it is to be said that the Wisdom of the Father will Eternally set us free.

We are indeed in need of self examination at this time. Man would be wise to Assess his Words, Assess his Actions, Assess his Thoughts for in so doing will he delve into the mysteries within.

Know that one has indeed all the resources available to do this. One does not need to seek outside help to do this. Just listen and watch one’s self is all that is required, but alas the many have no faith in thy self and impose self limitations on one’s self.

It is said that the Father has given all of his children the same gift, the same power. If only one would explore this, one would indeed discover a basket full of fruit.

Man has become too reliant on the opinions of others to solve his inner turmoil when this is not necessary as he has the ability if only he would listen to heal thy self.

Man has only to open his heart and ask and then listen and he will be guided. Man must have more faith in himself and realise he is One with the Father.

SEEK ME, KNOW ME, BE ME, is indeed a Gift to behold.

Awaken, Awaken, Awaken and Rejoice in the Splendour of Thee Almighty.

Surrender and become as One, with no Beginning and no Ending.

In Love and Light.



“They cannot see the false,” he said, “because they are caught up in it. They are
conditioned by their prejudices, by their belief, and what others tell them. They have failed to assert their creative faculty of discerning that which is not true. The only truth about the false is that it is false and they will still be caught up in it till they understand it, and how they have been caught up in it.”
Now he took on the role of the teacher. “I want you to see this clearly, my son,” he said,
looking at me, “otherwise you will retain the false, hoping to see the Truth. But it cannot be done.”
“Firstly,” he said, “you must see what makes you believe in anything, then you will see
what makes you antagonistic to another belief, or idea, or people. If you came here conditioned by your own opinions, then you will see only through that conditioning, but if you are free from your own conditioning you can see us free from ours. Then you will see me as I see you, stripped of all form, all nationalities, all religions and creeds. Then we will know each other to be made in the image and likeness of our Creator, made out of the same Substance, the same Life, and having the ‘One’ Consciousness within, for there cannot be any division, God being infinite in nature, there can only be God, there can be nothing else and this is our Being.”

“You organize yourselves into separate groups of religions, of nationalities, of
ideologies, each believing that what you stand for is the real thing. So you wrangle with one another and when wrangling cannot solve the problem you butcher one another. Now is there any Truth in that?”

“Your ideals and your fears are made up in your mind, and what is made up in your
mind is unreal, so both your ideal and your fears have no foundation in Truth.
“Truth is not made up in the mind, Truth Is! You do not make it up! What is made up,
is not Truth!
“You can see the false as you discern your relationship with people, ideas and things. If
there is antagonism, if there is fear, if there is craving, prejudice or conflict, there can be no relationship. “As long as the mind is in conflict blaming, resisting, condemning, there can be no understanding, no relationship with one another. It is obvious you must not condemn if you want to understand.

“When you see the false you will know it, you will no longer be part of it, and then the
True comes into being, because It always Is, It is Real and Eternal and ever present, moment to moment, never changing. It is only your mind that changes from one idea to another. When you know what a belief is, what an ideal is, then the mind will free itself, and in that freedom there is the Real.

“It is so important to understand that the mind is made dull through condemning,
through blaming, through avoidance, through acceptance and through resistance. Only in your relationship, freed from all conditioning is there freedom, and in this freedom there is peace, and in peace there is Love.

“If you are filled with likes and dislikes you are merely projecting your own conditioning.”

Beyond The Himalayas

Murdo MacDonald Bayne