Many foreshores will be lost to begin with up and down all countries, understand. It will appear slow to start with but then will begin the acceleration.


16 February 2007

Greetings Dear Heart,
It has indeed been a while since you have been with us.

We note the incoming tide and would welcome comments at this time from your visitors of the light.

One must understand to seek is to uncover and many will be guided at this time to question. To question themselves and to also question the future.

Know that you are exactly where you should be for now as there are numerous loose ends to be tidied for the shift.

It would be wise to allow ones self the freedom to explore the openings being presented at this time.

To delve into the mystical is indeed your path at this time. You will indeed be aided by your intuitive power at this time this will alert you to the necessary steps to be taken.

Your works will indeed be published on the web to aid the many searching at this time.

Many will also by pass it for it is not technical to them for they have failed to understand it is not the mind but the heart that all flows from.

You are well advised at this time and must surrender thy self to knowing that all is and all shall be as stated.

One knows this and would do well to remember this.

We know your recent vision of the mighty wave hitting the coast of New Brighton Christchurch, New Zealand unsettled you but this was to show the height and force that it will come in at.

As you saw nothing will survive. Know that you will be called upon to reassure those that are left behind and to co-ordinate rescues far and wide.

Man will not listen and it is only through such disasters does man unite and listen and change. You will also resurrect the living to have them recognize whom they are and what they are doing here at this time.

Many will be confused and frightened and will seek shelter from the storm to emerge different human beings.

Thy brother will indeed find it daunting to say the least as he will struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of it all.

Alas all will not be as it appears for intolerable forces are working at this time to conquer the mighty shift but know this will not allow man the freedom of choice for his attitude is in need of reversing.

Many are enlightened and are ready to serve. Know that all areas will be of concern and man will be devastated at the force with which it will occur.

Know indeed the sanctuary will house many strays and you will all find it stressful dealing with the many.

As new towns are developed then the burdens will ease.

These towns will bring forth nothing of the past but a future filled with such Love and promise.

Those among you whom will have experienced the old world and the new will be utterly astounded that man can change his thoughts so quickly.

Man will indeed be reunited with his loved ones but will first need to learn about travel in the ethereal and this is where you and your brother will aid such encounters.

Man will learn to travel between the two worlds to coexist in both. Many have returned at this time to aid the reorganization of towns and cities and to prepare man for future travel.

Man will find his old means of transport are no longer available to him so therefore he will need to learn new methods.

One will indeed awaken as the shift begins and know exactly where one should be.

Note that all will gather before the storm hits and will record its unfolding for history.

Many members of your families will be workers to this end understand.

Gracious is he who hears, Gracious is he who listens, Gracious is he who acts.

We leave in Love and Light this day.


22 November 2006

Greetings Dear Heart,
A pleasure to speak with you this day.

Numerous encounters will indeed prevail and man must see the destruction looming and alter his course.

No man will survive a full massacre.

It is written in the Hindu that man will indeed reap what he sows and this is certainly being played out on your plane at this time.

Note that the new dimension will bring a welcome relief to the many evolving at this time, however many will not be aware of their surroundings and will lose their footing and make horrendous mistakes only to be swept away to suffer more misery at their own hands.

Man will indeed prosper once he surrenders to the Almighty for then the Almighty leads not the man, understand.

It is a pleasure to welcome at this time a being of the Galactic Star.

Greeting to all,
It is indeed a very transforming time you are going through and it is a very sad time for the many whom are caught up in the self.

One must surrender the ego and allow the Almighty to project through one’s being.

Once this state is attained many will indeed be astounded at the new world appearing before them.

Other constellations have also experienced much pain and suffering as they too learnt the art of surrender.

Now they rejoice in the knowing, knowing no pain or suffering, only Love of one another.

In Love and Light.



14 October 2006.

Greetings Dear Heart,
It is a pleasure to be here this day to say how wonderful it is to witness the miracle happening at this time.

Many from afar are in attendance and many further will attend for it is to be said that such a grand occasion as this will indeed rewrite history.

Many are now commencing their withdrawal and many more will return at this time to aid the stricken for it is imperative to reach a calm state and proceed with life on the planet.

Many are searching for their lost ones and will indeed reunite with them in the next dimension.

Many will arise to find chaos and many will be confused and need reassurance. You all will gather at the homestead to pour yourselves into the many duties required .

It must be said that to wait too long would be a mistake for in so doing will make it harder to arise to the threshold. Too many are oblivious this hour to the turmoil around them and do not see this as a warning to heed.

Many changes will magnify and many will become stuck in their belief and will need reassurance, that it is ok to change their thought pattern and that it is not the devil punishing them.

May we take this opportunity to say that we are in constant touch with you at this time and will direct you to the necessary places as required.

You may indeed be wondering just when all this is actually happening for it seems like ages to you. Note all has begun and all will indeed manifest soon.

All will be made habitable again and all will proceed with caution.

The Southern Alps will indeed groan in terror for they will be shifted first and will become the forerunner to much destruction.

The Plains will be no more for indeed the sea will take over and will not recede.

New Land will be formed to the west and many will connect to neighboring countries.

The world as now perceived will no longer be.

History will indeed be rewritten and many new geological maps will have to be made anew.

Man has led the destruction for failing to recognize his ego has indeed played a large part in the destruction.

Man next time around will be more loving and generous and will unite to make this plane a paradise that the Father intended it to be.

Do not be frightened or alarmed for you are well protected at this time.

Many will see what lies ahead and will indeed rejoice at the unity, others however will struggle to be ‘One.’

In Love and Light.


3 July 2006

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered this day to bring new information to the fore surrounding the planet, understand. It is indeed logical that the masses will not listen to the advice of many, so therefore there will be mass chaos and self destruction as the planet vents her steam and arises from the ashes understand. Man will indeed lose many of his earthly buddies but of course they will remain with him in spirit, understand.

It will be necessary to warn your global partners as to the seriousness in each of the seven countries, From a global positioning you will be the least affected and therefore able to coordinate the other regions.

Mass loss of lives will be the first major dilemma to deal with, as rotting bodies bring diseases understand. Much heavy machinery will be needed to dig the huge graves understand. Food will be the next problem as it will be in very short supply and needed to be rationed. Some will resort to violence through hunger, understand.

You all will receive much guidance at this time as to the whereabouts of the tomb, understand. This will indeed provide shelter and rest when needed, Water will also need to be conserved until it runs freely and clear after the ash settles, understand. You will position yourselves to the east as this is where shelter will be provided.

Note you too will indeed join forces with family to aid many at this time and to reassure.

The planet as it is now known will no longer exist understand. Globally people will unite and bring forth a new civilisation which will sustain man into many, many future generations, understand. Global warming will no longer be an issue as the planet and atmosphere will indeed heal and bring forth abundance for all.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice.


2nd June 2006,

Dearly Beloved,
We are about to begin an amazing journey. One which indeed will take you to the depths of your soul. We will endeavour along the way to allow questions and answers but at this time we just ask that you take the notes as said, understand.

Many light years have evolved but unfortunately for man living on Earth at this time, the time has come to make major changes. Major changes that will affect both man and planet at this time. It is time therefore to prepare the masses, to prepare the planet. Many species will indeed survive the shift, many will live in harmony, for the planet will go through a rebirthing process and require many Light Workers to build, teach and guide man into the next dimension. Yes, it is indeed incomprehensible to imagine the planet any other way for it has sustained itself for a very long time in the current form.

However it is now time to move forward, to lift both the vibration of this planet and the species that abide upon it. To this avail we will endeavour to guide you and teach you in preparedness understand.

It is with great pleasure that we hand you over to Jonathon of the Navaho Tribe who is present at this time to teach you and guide you.

Greetings Dear One,
It is in magnificent awe that we view this day. One is ready to start in earnest for this has been a long time in the making. Many foreshores will be lost to begin with up and down all countries, understand. It will appear slow to start with but then will begin the acceleration. One will indeed need to be stocked up on material for there is to be much written and documented at this time. After the shorelines disappear there will be major earthquakes, many towns and cities globally will just disappear overnight.

Many Light Workers are readying themselves for the major upheavals that are about to occur. You will need various modes of transport to reach safety understand. All will be made available to thee at the time. We will be in touch regularly from now on to impart the importance of the shift upon you.

It will be your responsibility to document all writings and pass on to the brother who will collate all and publish on the web site named "All Eternity", understand.

Many will log on for question answer sessions which will enable us to correspond with the many. Many have shut their door and are not receptive at this time. Many will not listen, many will down cry thee, but one knows exactly what one will do. Many predictions will be passed from Spirit to thee.

It will be necessary and of great importance to understand the question "Why". Many will utter this word "Why". It will be your job to teach them it is time for change, change for mankind, change for the planet. The vibration is indeed in need of a shift. Too much negativity surrounds this planet at this time and is causing major destruction to it. Mankind has become selfish, materialistic and not listening to his fellow man in need this hour.

The rise in vibration will change all this and mankind will unite and love and help one another. They will also tend the planet and look after it better, nurture it and explore it. The animals will no longer be slaughtered en mass but enjoy the freedom to reside alongside man. Man will still eat the beast but in far smaller quantities only to sustain the small nutrient requirement understand. Man will live off the land more and produce wholesome food again. No more poisons will be added to the food before eating it, understand. The water will bring forth a pureness that has not been seen in a long, long time. Man will protect the water this time and see and recognise its higher vibrational qualities, understand.

It will be imperative to have all the notes transcribed into a hard book as this will stop the pages from being lost or in the incorrect order.

Mathew is also present with us this day and would like to say how loved and nurtured you are. You are indeed a star glowing bright over the southern hemisphere. All are indeed attracted to you this day and all will endeavour to impart messages to you at this time. We ask that you keep the channel open at all times and be aware of contact requiring to be made. It is upon you to rise to the challenge and make a stand. Many will be supportive of you but you will know that your work must be carried out at this time. We know we can rely on you. God Bless!

Indeed this brings the closure this day and we will look forward to our further communication with you tomorrow.

Love and Light.



For there is but one God and one Christ in God, and one God in Christ; and this Christ dwells in you and is your only Reality - your Real Self. Then be yourself, be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

Can you understand the true meaning of these words? Be yourself, be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

Mans ignorance of this great truth is his inward poverty which makes him look outside himself for things to cherish, yet his poverty still remains.

This is the hell man makes for himself, for he finds no comfort in the things of the world which he cherishes; even if he clings to them he will lose them, for he cannot take them with him.

I am the everlasting happiness, the wealth and strength that lives forever; and through the water that I give you to drink, you will never thirst anymore, for it is the Eternal Spring of life that gives all things to those who ask, knowing me.

And how would you know me? You know me through understanding the source of your being, for the power of creation is within you.

Keep perfect poise within, never allowing any outside influence to enter into the innermost to disturb you.

I have come to open the door that separates you and me.

This is the door of the outer senses and because you lived in the outer you did not know the inner.

Yet the outer is but a reflection of the inner.Remember the desires of the flesh are also supplied from within. But there is an end to all things of the flesh, while the things of the Spirit are eternal.

Divine Healing Of Mind And Body.
The Master Speaks Again. by Murdo MacDonald Bayne.