Life Everlasting :


Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Life Everlasting


A series of lectures given by Murdo MacDonald Bayne in Pretoria, South Africa between 19th October 1948 to 28th June 1949. They form the basis for the posthumous book “Life Everlasting” compiled by one of Murdo’s students.

This particular volume is the 2nd revised and expanded edition of that book and presents the lectures in the original order as presented to his students along with those missing from the original edition.


When we can discern the personality or apparent separation as being only an image
in our minds, we become conscious of the oneness of Life, oneness with the Infinite
Life Consciousness. We may retain that "I myself" which is but a reflection in the mind
and it is this reflection we take as reality and this is the illusion - we take the shadow
for the reality.

That which you can perceive is not Reality but that which perceives is Reality and
this Reality goes beyond mind. It is this conscious Life that organises its own
mediums for expression and thereby perceives its expressions, in this way God is
aware of us.

You cannot comprehend what your consciousness is, but you know that it is and
as we begin to unfold so does this Consciousness recede into the inner states. As we
are aware now so too will we retain that awareness, yet it becomes greater and
greater as we become to discern more of the mighty Universe within external to our
consciousness. So do we become more aware of that Reality that is behind them all,
the all being held in that one Consciousness we know as the One and only One which
has individualized itself; and we are that individualization.

It was this understanding that enabled the Master to say "All power is given to me in
heaven and on earth." "I of myself can do nothing it is the Spirit of the Father within me
that doeth the work."

"The words that I speak to you all I do not speak of my own accord; it is the Father
who remains ever in me who is performing His own deeds."



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O, Beloved Presence, I hear Thee calling to me to awake from my sleep of delusion and separateness. The Sunlight blazes forth in me yet I was blind to Its Spiritualising power and beauty, while my soul was darkened with separateness and ignorance.

Let the fragrance of Thy Presence pierce through my being to overflow with Thy love for all Thy Creation.

O, Beloved, I now drink of Thy Presence and Love that spreads everywhere, revealing Thy everlasting nature, embracing all within Thyself, and have found myself at last in Thee and Thee in me.


Be Still, let the "Presence" work through you. Learn to know the"Presence" through your own experiences. The formless gives birth to the form, yet remains formless, while giving voice and power to the form.

The roar of the ocean, the silence of the deep, the rush of winds reveal the "Presence".

Remember the thing or person that you loved most in the world, then feel this love and much more towards the "Presence", then the Divine flame will leap forth to dissolve all that is not Its own.


Our Father - Mother - God, we are all Thy children. We are seeking our way back to our Source, the one Abode of Light. Show us the one Highway of common realization to where all bypaths must eventually lead.

All religions are but branches of the One Tree of Truth, some yet unaware of the One Life within that Tree, which is the only Reality. Help us all to see this Life.

In the one Temple of Silence the chorus of many religions is heard by Thee, yet their differences serve to separate us from each other.

Teach us to chant in that one harmony of Love so that the melody of all Souls shall sing as one with Universal understanding of the one Life and Immortality.


Life Everlasting

By Murdo MacDonald Bayne