Developing Your Faith:


Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Developing Your Faith


Lectures presented by Murdo MacDonald Bayne in Pretoria, South Africa, in series, between 2nd August 1949 to 4th April 1950. Originally given out as Lecture Notes in advance to his students, these notes formed the basis for his talks on the actual night. With the advent of the sound recordings full verbatim transcriptions of those lectures can now be given. This book includes four of those lectures in text.

The main themes covered in this volume are: Biblical scriptures and Moses, the Light of The Truth, and Faith.

Included is a bonus boxed set of 4 Digital CD's taken from original sound recordings of one of those lectures.


So he says in these well-selected words, "Whosoever of you is defective in wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all men without question or reproach and the gift will be his." Ask and the gift will be his. God gives to all without question or reproach.

Can you see the deep meaning in this truth? Think it over well and you will see that the Law fulfils itself because God is with us not apart from us, and it could not be otherwise, if it were so, no fundamental law could ever exist as the establishment of the things seen or unseen.

Further the Apostle goes on revealing the completeness of the Law. "Only let him ask in faith with never a doubt for the doubtful man is like the surge of the sea, whirled and swayed by the wind." Here we see how the doubtful person is swayed this way, that way with every wind that blows. He is not sure of himself, there is no stability because he has not fully realized that he can enjoy the Light of Life that can produce all things, this being with him always and never is he even separated except through his ignorance of Its Presence.

So the final statement of the Apostle strikes at the root of our ignorance, "that man need not imagine he will get anything from the Lord, double minded creature that he is wavering at every turn."

I have heard people say that they believe in the Lord, yet they did not believe in themselves. That is easy to understand. It was only a belief they had in something outside God, some God apart from themselves. How could they believe in themselves when this state of consciousness existed.

To become the finished product is to accomplish completely by fulfilling the law of your "Being." The one Life Consciousness individualized in us is the same Creative Power underlying the Universe. Thus we are made in His image and likeness. Like unto God having power to create through the same Creative Power. But this must be realized before it becomes active in ourselves, then we can enjoy the Light of Life.

This Life is not limited because it inhabits a body. It is complete and free when realized. The flesh has no say in the matter, the flesh has no power over the Life that created it, and inhabits it for its own expression, and as this Life is God and God is Life, therefore I am the Life, you are the Life. We see that consciousness of our understanding is the point through which the Almighty God expresses Himself (being the Servant of all) and is the means through which we can express the Almighty according to our awareness of our consciousness being the way of Life, then so shall this Power be manifested. There can be no other way for the Law fulfills Itself.

We have the liberty of Life to enjoy the Light of Life by being single-minded, "Let your eye be single," aware of our thought action free from the net of craving for this only reveals our sense of lack and makes us double-minded.


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" O Magnificient One, as we unceasingly meditate on Thee we feel Thee and know we have dominion over all things.

O Essence of Love, our intellectual concepts were cold and devoid of feeling. But now we have come to know Thy enduring Love by Thy ever tenderness to us.

O Divine Omnipresence, these words are not mine but Thine. I only felt them and gave them expression through the medium of words.

May Thy Blessings go with them to strike an answering note on the living harp-strings of our hearts so that we may feel Thy Presence always, O Omnipotent One."


Blessed are those who share Thy gifts which Thou hast given.

Some are wailing by the wayside for a crumb,and die in the poverty of an unenlightened soul.

Yet those who think more of Thy gifts than Thee separate themselves from Thee.

O Blessed One, I have offered Thy great gift that Thou hast given to me and have found myself in all.

I love to be guided by Thee for now I know that Thou art my greatest Well-Wisher.


O "Faith", may I behold Thee above, below and around me. Wherever I turn my gaze I see what "Faith" hath done.

Train my senses not to wander into the wilderness of doubt and fear.

Turn my eye within, there to gaze upon Thee, enthroned upon the ever changing beauty of Thy invisible nature.

Let my ears listen to Thy unseen Voice that creates out of the void.

Oh! That I may catch the breath of Thy magnitude, "Thy faith hath made thee whole."

Keep alight forever that Flame that never wavers and never dies, O Blessed "Faith."


O Eternal and only "One, I was lost in the wilderness of wrong beliefs and could not find my home in Thee.

I always kept the door of my Soul open expecting Thee to come from some external world.

At last I have found Thee arising out of the darkness of my soul to become the Star of my groping mind, calling me to recognise my home in Thee and there I found that we are One, O adorable and perfect "Love".


Developing Your Faith.

By Murdo MacDonald Bayne