Cosmic Consciousness : Your Silent Partner


Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Cosmic Consciousness: Your Silent Partner


Murdo MacDonald Bayne presented these lecture notes contained in the above book Cosmic Consciousness,Your Silent Partner in Pretoria from 25th November 1947 to 12th October 1948. They form the basis for the posthumous unpublished book with the above title compiled by one of Murdo MacDonald Bayne's students.

This particular volume is a revised edition of that book and presents the lectures in the original order as presented to his students along with those missing from the former edition. 

Included is a bonus CD of an original sound recording of one of those lectures “Inspiration and How it can be Acquired


O Christ, Thou rarest of hearts, Thou didst sail on the storm-tossed sea of prejudiced minds. Yet thou shed the aroma of goodness and forgiveness so helping all through example to become like thee, knowing "Our Father in heaven" to be Thy Father also for thou didst say, "For whosoever does the will of my Father in heaven; he is my brother, my sister and my mother."

And the mighty miracle of love was established in each heart when the magic of Thy Voice uttered, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."We have grown to see thy instruction "Love thine enemies as thyself," for they are thy brother and sister though sick and sleeping and only by doing so can we ourselves be free.

O Shepherd, wandering hearts are seeking the one fold of the Divine Love that heals all. We have heard Thee ever calling with Thy infinite kindness. Our one desire is to be at home with Thee in the one house of the Father of Love, where we will all rejoice together.

There we shall also know thee to be our brother who showed us that Love was the only way to everlasting happiness.


The prophets understood the Law and this same law exists now. We must look beyond our intellect to a Higher Intelligence with this understanding, that this Intelligence will act for us, protect us from suggestions of fear, worry, apprehension.

The fact that we must play our part consciously in cooperation with this Intelligence necessitates the understanding of the Law, if we are to be successful in operating upon the law. We must know that the Universal Mind will fulfill our ideas, and go forward with this understanding.

Science has pushed forward into the unknown realms and reveals that the material and spiritual are one. Where the borderline is, they cannot say. But I am urged to say that there is no borderline at all. Clear sight has revealed truths unknown to man, and now science is beginning to prove these truths. What is beyond physics is not unreal, even if it is not yet fully grasped. Centuries ago it was thought impossible for us to speak across the oceans and continents through the air. In time to come we will be able to speak as easily with those who live in the world we call "Etherea", the invisible, as we are able to speak through the ether to those thousands of miles distant.

With a vision within us of the potentialities of our new knowledge we are able to move forward into a new world proving that we are really the sons and daughters of God, possessing the attributes of our Father-Mother-God "Know that ye have the thing even before ye ask."

To acquire the power to operate the law we must refuse to identify ourselves with family, tradition, state or church. "For one is your Father who is in heaven."

Those who have been caught up in the net of race thought, nationalism, creeds, politics, diseases, ignorance and death have permitted belief to rule them. They have consequently become impotent, they have lost their Divine Powers over the things of this world.

The great mass struggle that we see going on everywhere is the result of the inner struggle of the individuals. In the midst of amazing scientific achievements we find ourselves in a world torn by craving for the things of this world, a world sick and disabled and depressed. Anyone can see the ravaging effects are world wide revealing a deep underlying error in our whole civilization. Yet we know that this will eat itself out in the end.

True statesmanship requires clear thinking from cause to effect, this cannot be done by politicians who make vain attempts to solve problems without understanding the fundamental laws governing human life. Unaware of the power of properly directed thought, while holding on to old fixed mental habits, the masses become the victims of their own ignorance.

Our habits of thought must be studied, understood and corrected. Not until our thoughts become truly intelligent can we have results that will satisfy the human heart.

We are still unconsciously and ignorantly pinning our faith to the power of things seen, the power in things already created, while we remain blind to the fact that these things are but the effect of thoughts and ideas in the mind of man.

These things are not the source from which we should draw to live, to think, to reason, being effects and not causes, they have no power except the power we give them.

On account of our lack of understanding of First Cause we find ourselves in a chaotic condition, we have become victims of our own creation. Yet through this state of things we will be led through discernment into the true law of Life which is the only foundation for the assurance of health, happiness and prosperity, and a continued civilized civilization. You cannot say that we are truly civilized in the face of what is happening the world today.

We must refuse to become a slave to any party, group, nation, society, family or anything external to ourselves. We must be about our "Father's business", with our vision transferred to the Higher Intelligence and hold it there long enough to affect the minds of others. We will then be true instruments in the hands of an Intelligence that is all-intelligent, and He makes His wishes known to us through our understanding that we are made in his image and likeness. Where "two or three are gathered together” and consciously transcend the mortal sense, they can bring about things beyond the understanding of the mortal sense.

Today as always we are moving, living and having our being in this Higher Intelligence - God, whose scheme of creation is being expressed through our consciousness in order to reproduce it in the material world. If we will co-operate with this Intelligence we can bring about conditions in our world that we hope to have.

If we follow a system that makes us fear, our inspiration to work begins to wither and die. But when we know that there is something that is beyond our imagination—A Reality—that knows all things and is prepared to act with us for the purpose, of expressing that which is in heaven or that which is in the Higher Consciousness, then our inspiration to work is forever renewed by the fact that His will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Murdo MacDonald Bayne


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Great and Mighty Eternal Spirit. Thou art the only Living Being there is. We live because of Thy Life in us. We are expressing Thy Love, Wisdom and Healing, so that all may benefit thereby.


Dressed with Thy Beauty, clean and holy, Thou didst send me to play in the fields Thou hadst prepared for me.

But I played in the darkness with ignorance and lost myself in the mire of suffering. I went out clean but came back to Thee besmirched with the mud of illusion.

0, Divine Presence, wash me with Thy Love and Wisdom and make me clean and clothe me again. I lost everything while roaming in the darkness.

0, Divine Presence, Love of my heart, the tiny candle of light of my remembrance of Thee was not extinguished by the gusts of disbelief. I loved all things, only to find that I needed Thee alone.

Come with me, 0 Beloved—Be with me always.


0, Love of my Heart, I open my soul to Thee so that all the fragrant musk of Thy Love will scent the atmosphere that surrounds me.

0 Blessed One, sing in my heart, "I shall be Thine for ever." I will laugh at all dangers for I will always hold Thy protecting Love in my constant remembrance of Thee.

In Thy Blessed Light dissolve all shadows and fears of my imagination so that in Thy Blessed Light I shall remain awake for ever.

May Thy Love shine for ever on the shrine of my Devotion and may I be able to awaken that Love in all hearts.


0, Beloved One, I feel in my heart Thy heart-throbs, in my happiness Thy joy, in my activity Thy power of direction, in my soul Thy Spirit of Love, Wisdom and Healing.

Divine One, I lay all the petals of my love at Thy feet. Open wide the bud of my devotion for Thee and release Thy fragrance that it may spread from my soul to the hearts of others, in Thy ever-whispering love.

United we will find Thine Omnipresence enthroned forever.


0, Beloved One, through the door of my aspiration the imprisoned fragrance of Thy Omnipresence was released on the wings of Thy Love.

It spread over Infinite Space carrying Thy blessing of peace to every being, turning unhappiness into joy.

I have broken the cage of the past memories and habits that held my wings fast in the bars of my personality.

Thy Eternal Presence has revealed to me it was but a torturing cage of dreams, and now I am soaring in the Presence of Thy Love that unites me with everything.


The fortunate who care not for the unfortunate cannot feel Thy Omnipresence.

Those blinded by selfishness cannot see Thy abiding Presence in others. The unfeeling rich are poor in heart, their comforts are but pangs of ignorance.

Blessed are those who serve others knowing that they serve Thee. To die rich without giving service is to die poor. But to pass through the portals of death serving others is to be truly rich.

I love dreams of noble achievements. I love all dreams of love and service for they are the Keys to Thy Presence.

But even if I dream many dreams I will ever awake thinking of Thee. I will ever behold Thy face as I love and serve Thee in all my brothers and sisters who are ever under Thy watchful Eye of Love.

I know that health and sickness, life and death are but dreams and when I finish my dreams of love and service and awake behind the world-painted screen of illusion I shall behold Thee as the only Reality the Presence in all and I shall hear Thy voice say sweetly in my heart "As much as you have done unto one of these (my children) so have you done unto me."


Cosmic Consciousness: Your Silent Partner

Murdo MacDonald Bayne


Your silent Partner